Here are some emails and notes Newfie sends to his students

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  1. Of all the unintentionally funny things you guys say around here, the fact that you think people like RSF, SFA, Uniballer, purpledawg and Hfrog71 are "libs" strikes me as the funniest.
  2. No. They're cute little puppies.
  3. You clearly haven't read many of his posts then.
  4. Which tells me, once again, you have no bloody idea what just happened. And telling somebody to go take a dump sure is intelligent.

    But I can go with 'accuse the accuser', if that's easier for you to understand. I'm flexible.
  5. By the working definition of libs around here, they are libs.

  6. The fact there are lots of liberals here who don't think they are liberal is even funnier.
  7. As I liberal, I find it funnier how conservative is redefined on here.
  8. Just curious. How is a conservative 'redefined' here? At least you admit you are a liberal. Seriously, I can respect that. But I can't respect those who run and hide from it.
  9. Wait a darn second. You left out the only "guy who's probably black who believes in entitlements for everyone."
  10. Pretty easy to define a liberal or conservative IMO......... No true conservative could ever support a Womans " choice" to have an abortion as a method of birth control. Or.........if you Really want to be honest and call a spade a spade......a womans choice to have someone murder her own baby.

    If you support these actions then you are in no way a conservative,.....period.
    How many folks in this room support the law concerning abortion?

    How many dont?

    Simple as that.
  11. Oh, come on. You're the wackiest lib of them all. 79 will be happier if you just admit it.
  12. Gold, god, guns, and paranoia are the markers of the tribal boundary.
  13. [​IMG]
  14. mean like OFAILURES new TRUTH commission? :laugh:
  15. Aw, dammit. Now I'm a conservative. Well that sucks.
  16. No it doesnt. Welcome aboard! :wink:
  17. Hey, they were talking about Vlad the Impaler on Pawn Stars last night. He's thought to be the inspiration behind the Dracula character. Someone was selling an autographed copy of Bram Stocker's Dracula, but it wasn't a first edition.
  18. An English prof here, recently retired, is a world authority on Stocker and Dracula.
  19. Ole Vlad wasnt nearly right wing enuff IMO. :tongue:
  20. Cool. I'll assume that you support me in being anti-death penalty, pro-Planned Parenthood and recognizing societal privilege since we're on the same team now and you decided only one litmus test matters.

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