Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

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  1. She needs to be on HASMSP.

    And I guess I’ll need to watch my language a little better.
  2. Done.
  3. scheiss that!
  4. Drinking some Trillium Day & Night beer right now (blonde barleywine with cold brewed coffee) and it's delicious. I don't like coffee at all and this stuff might make me start drinking it.

    If you ever find yourself in Boston (or you know somebody who will ship some to you from Boston) get some of their beers.
  5. Watching Sicario. Paused for the half pipe. But now I'm back. Dinner scene...OMG!
  6. I just watched Wind River this week
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  7. Googling Wind River...
  8. At the end? Meh. It was all downhill after the human insulation. I had no adrenaline left.
  9. giphy.gif
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  10. Really don’t think many people are on Kolby’s side
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  11. I really liked that one
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  12. I keep forgetting about the Olympcs. I bet I've watched about a half hour of curling and that's it. And why is there no live action on the Olympics channel?
  13. Absentia season 1 on Amazon Prime. Thumbs up. Finished it last night. First couple episodes are slow so pull up your laptop and get some work done but it eventually picks up and gets pretty good. Most episodes are about 40 minutes so you can burn through them quick. It's about an FBI agent who is found after it was thought she had been dead for 6 years and her quest to find her captive and prove her innocence in a string of murders where all signs point to her. Couldn't tell you who's in it bc I literally did not recognize one person.
  14. Almost watched Wind River the other day. Now it’s no longer free. Damnit.
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  15. I’ll be a film snob for that one & say it should be experienced on the big screen only but if missed in the theater then see it any way you can.
  16. While getting ready for school my daughter asked why my son wasn't wearing a heart shaped necklace for Valentines Day like she was.

    My response was, "boys don't typically wear necklaces."

    To which my seven year old son responded, "well, unless they're really swag ones."

    We are all doomed.
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  17. USA vs. Slovenia Men’s Hockey on now on NBC SN. 2nd Period.
  18. Get a government issue (GI) office clock & hang it around his neck with heavy string & send’m out the door.
  19. Well USA really [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] the bed when I started watching. My bad
  20. Chili cookoff in the office on Ash Wednesday. #phormered

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