Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by BillupsFrog, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. The AI is slowly becoming smarter and more self aware. And it appears to not like you.

    You'll be an early casualty in the impending war against the machines.
  2. 2 reasons the autocorrect didn’t work:
    1. You have obviously typed “everythong” before, and it was just giving you what you wanted. For example...

    Random dude: “Hey Phormer, you going to the gym today?”

    Phormer: “Hells yeah!! And I’m looking for thin yoga pants because I’m going to take pictures of everythong in there.”

    2. Phones don’t autocorrect at 4:30 in the farging morning!
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  3. Stay silent about what? Is she doing silent films now?
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  4. Ball gag?
  5. Decided to institute this policy going forward starting with today’s game against the chokelahoma laters.
  6. Any of you hip hop aficionados familiar with Nappy Roots? Worth seeing?
  7. Referring to the body part or the KF.c poster?
  8. Never saw them in person, but I copped their first album back in ‘02 and liked it.

    FWIW I have a buddy that runs a business providing entertainment for Greek houses at universities, he said he booked them a couple years ago for a gig and that they were awesome live.

    They had a couple hit singles, this is the one that I remember most:

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  9. All my life been po'
    But it really don't matter no mo'
    And they wonder why we act this way
    Nappy Boys gon' be okay

    Never seen them but would.
  10. Bruh, im in the same boat.
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  11. Never seen them. I bet you could find worse shows.
  12. I’m cornfused. Did the Mmmmbop guys play hoops too?
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  13. no, just hockey and slot cars

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  15. I'm gonna learn to play the banjo.

    First song: East Bound & Down
  16. Not Rainbow Connection?
  17. I fear you’re underestimating the banjo. That’s like saying tou’re going to learn math and your first calculation will be nasa-level trigonometry. I’d be willing to bet your first song is Mary Had a Little Lamb.
  18. Maybe he's a savant.
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  19. I'm sure I am underestimating it, but I'm awesome at everything. Do we have another board member that plays the banjo? We can be dually banjoers.

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