Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

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  1. *Driving my truck*

    Look down and think I see a big ass spider crawling on me, slapped myself across the face.......it was my beard. Arachnophobia level 1000.

    I am scared Shipless of those demons.
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  3. You're welcome. Her work effort was tremendous.
  4. Did you scream like a little girl? Or is Riggs the only one who does that?
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  5. Ugh. On the night where all I want to do is stay home, I get voluntold into an event. Anybody here want to randomly show up at Michaels off 7th (not the craft store) around 7 to keep a brother company?
  6. A/s/l?
  7. Haha 40 M Aggtown and it's a moot point anyway because [ darn ] that [ steaming pile of Orgeron ], I think I'm staying home and I don't care what they say.
  8. Wheres your better half?
  9. Used to like that bar in the 90s. Haven’t been in fo-evah.
  10. As it turns out, we decided to go after all. Both of us.
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  11. Based on this reply I’m guessing it’s biologically impossible for “August” to be or stay hard
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    Also, screw the aardvark. Good riddance. I played there about four years ago and the agreement I had with the manager that night was that I would make 40% of whatever the door take was. Covers for the night were $10 for 21+.

    It was the first Friday night of the spring semester, and that place was packed. Easily over 100 students there, I play great, got a great response in the crowd, lots of people drinking and having a great time.

    At the end of the night, the manager comes up to me and gives me $28 as my take for the night. I asked him what gives, the place was packed, he says, “This is the music business kid, take it or leave it.”

    I took it, never went back and tell the story whenever the opportunity presents itself. So yeah, good riddance aardvark. Kick rocks.

    Yeah, there are a lot of pretentious bars nowadays in Fort Worth, but at least they always paid me fairly.
  13. 3 inches of snow here in Kyle. This is nuts!
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  14. I thought you said it was snow?
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  15. The TCCDLA Party?
  16. Rigor mortis.
  17. Very common. Same thing happened to my friends twice and they swore off the Aardvark. But they came back...with one caveat. The Aardvark called them and said some fraternity requested to have them as the opener...so they called the fraternity and negotiated a contract with them and then agreed with the Aardvark to do the show. After the show they got two checks. I'll give you one guess as to which one they left on the stage. They played there a few more times and the management required the fraternity to rent out the place to pay the talent directly. Last time i saw them there theu got $1500 to open for Rob Baird back when he still lived around here. Bars don't pay boat and fraternities are suckers.
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  18. Further proving the People Suck Theorem.
  19. Hi,my name is Theorem.
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