Has anyone seen my specialty plates?

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  1. I have seen it about 10 times. I was making a cuba joke.
  2. Onion buns
  3. Id still cover it in Horsey sauce, feel me?
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  4. Now I'm hungry. Darner.
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  5. Arbys is underrated fast food
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  6. Because beer; I am not ashamed by blaring R Kelly Bump and Grind on my porch at 2:08am on a Friday.
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  7. 400-lb black man driving the airport shuttle to my terminal from my remote parking in, well basically Coppell, is singing “Stay” by Lisa Loeb and Nine Stories to himself while driving. This is so darning weird.

    edit: He’s pretty good, though.
  8. To the tune of Dont wanna fight by Alabama Shakes,
    Ive been singing Dont wanna work no more no i dont wanna work no more.
  9. Damn right it is. Roast beef sandwich and curly fries.
  10. I became and then nauseous in the same thread
  11. And a milkshake
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  12. One of my really good TCU friends has a dad who is a food broker. He has told me never to eat at Arbys because he actually can't broker deals for meat of that low of quality. I haven't had Arby's in probably 9 years because it makes me poop quickly. The same dude says don't ever eat chili from Wendy's...but the rest of their food is fine.
  13. I've always heard the meat in the Wendy's chili is just leftover burgers that got too dried out/didn't get bought fast enough.

    I have heard that the meat at Arby's can barely be called meat though.
  14. Probably because they put beans in it.
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  15. But James Earl Jones says Arby's has the meats and who can argue with that rumbly voice?
  16. This can apply to pretty much all fast food with exception of a few who actually use quality non-frozen infredients like chipotle, braums, in&out, etc.

    Said in&out to start thread derailment.
  17. I don't care much for their roast beef, but their brisket sandwiches aren't bad at all.

    Further proof that you can smoke anything for 10+ hours an I'll eat it.
  18. This thread has rails?
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  19. Ving Rhames.

    I heard arbys meat is infused with marcellus wallace's soul.
  20. This is a long way from cage matches and elbow drops.


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