HA HA HA HA! Zimmerman a registered DEMOCRAT! And other emerging news.

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  1. Travon Martin was shot and killed . Obviously this gives us the right to steal the local walgreens blind of course. :rolleyes: Thats weird...........I didnt realize the local drug store were the ones that pulled the trigger on Martin. Or........could it be we are watching a bunch of thief lowlifes using a persons death as an OPPORTUNITY. You know.....like those in the main stream media and race baiting politicians have. Those thieving kids had some good teachers I guess.

    HEY LEFTIES! Its become clear this whole Martin uproar is falling apart on you right before our very eyes. Just like it ALWAYS does! :biggrin:

    Like I always say about lefties. We never have to do a thing. Just wind em up and let em go! Then sit back and watch them totally screw themselves over. NEVER fails. LOL
  2. Let's drum up a reason to protest and .....LOOT.
    ................ Latin inspired cracker ....................
  3. What kind of a man are you that celebrates, or even tries to justify, an unarmed 17 year old being shot and killed? I mean honestly, a 17 year old kid is dead, and by all he accounts he didn't have to be. You are bending over backwards to try and defend his killing because "the other team" happens to think that's wrong, and you CAN NEVER EVER agree with them?

    Are you so anxious to score "political points" that you are willing to cast aside common decency and respect for human life?
  4. You may or may not know that most people here have decided to simply ignore WD. His sole purpose in life is to piss up this space and throw his feces on the walls.

    Most of us use ignore and stick to a strict nonreply policy. For example--and I thank you for not including it--I have no idea what he said to cause your post.

    Up to you, of course, but if you want to join the "clique" PM any of the sensible people here for further information. I'm not a leader in the cabal.
  5. Ummm...........what are you talking about? The main point of this particular thread was a mob attack on a local walgreens by some martin protesters. They stole the store blind. REALLY like to know what Walgreens has to do with the Zimmerman / Martin incident. ? Why they chose to knock off a Walgreens because to me one thing has nothing to do with the other. To my eye it merely looks like opportunism at its worst.
  6. BTW Todd,.......The Dude doesnt care if Newf and the other braindeads do not reply to me, in fact....I never did, I actually prefer it that way. They have been proven wrong and made fools of so many countless times in here on such a wide variety of subjects that I value their opinion about as much as I do a common bullfrog, snail, or other bottom feeder type lifeform. I post to whom I want to post,.........the rest can plant a big old kiss right square on my behind. They need me way more then I ever needed them. Before I stumbled upon this joint it was a graveyard. Deader than Obamacare....LOL Until I decided to give the place some life. Now...the football board is AWESOME. Lots of good fans with nice spirited debate in there.
  7. No it wasn't. That's what your ramblings took it towards in the second post.

    The title of your thread is "Zimmerman a registerered DEMOCRAT! And other emerging news"

    Your OP was about how Zimmerman is a registered Democrat (relevant how?), Trayvon Martin's Twitter handle containing a controversial term (mud-slinging the victim), and referencing Martin's previous suspensions from school (again, mud-slinging the victim), as well as referencing a breakin at the Walgreens. The three links above are what I was referring to, this quest to justify the unjustifiabe: The shooting of an unarmed 17 year old that resulted in his death.

  8. Personally, and it's up to you, of course, I would ask that you not include WD's words in any reply. We really do not want to see them. Trust me, many others here agree with my position.

  9. Which is of course the reason my threads are full of views. You mean to tell me those views are all from Burf, Free, and a handfull of others? :rolleyes: Get real.
  10. Or we may soon discover that this troubled young man was hacked off about being questioned who (being a stranger in a recently heavily burglarized) gated community and decided to start wailing on his questioner.

    Perhaps a better question would be:

    Do we not have the right to ask strangers questions, especially hoodied, gold toothed ones?
    Do we not have the right to ask without being cheap shotted in the nose, drug to the ground and whaled on?

    - There are two eye witnesses stating that Mr Zimmerman was on the bottom getting his brains bashed in by this fellow.

    -Does he not have the right to protect his life in that circumstance?

    Perhaps you're a little to quick to protect the actual criminal here.

    Look deeper friend. Turn off CNN they are still using the little 13 year old pics of Travon.

    Yes it is a tragedy, perhaps an escalated misunderstanding by two equally frightened people.
    If he had not been suspended from school already he wouldn't have been there to begin with.
    If people had not been burgularizing the neighborhood the watch people wouldn't have been so sensitive or alertest.

    But all we really do know right now for sure is...Travon was the one on top doing the attacking. (the criminal act)

    Perhaps the criminals are the people trademarking his name and trying to make political points out of this unfortunate set of events. His parents and the Potus (community dis-organizer).

    That is the real story here. The incident happend a month ago. Took that long for Obama's team to decide to score some big points for his campaign here by solidifying his base. Win or lose via scorched earth policy.

    Other story are the bounties being offered, and addresses telecasted without any word from those elected to serve (all).
  11. Todd D., you miss the point. When this story broke, some here attacked Zimmerman. In fact the msm attacked him as some racist white nut job. They also loved posting outdated pics of Trayvon as some innocent little boy. Turns out, Z is not some racist white nut job and T is far from being some innocent little boy. Whiskey is not celebrating his death. He is pointing out the inconsistencies and flat out lies by some here, the msm, and the race baiters. You should be discussing how this got blown out of proportion and painted as something it is not.

    Poison Arrow has made some highly insightful and informed posts about how the Sanford police were obeying the law when they did not immediately arrest Z.
  12. Are you out of your freaking mind? You let me know when you want to start the political point scoreboard, friend. Just say the word.

    The Left, once again, has exploited a tragedy beyond comprehension. As far as WD "celebrating" the death of TM, go ahead and quote him doing so. Or take your disgusting lies elsewhere. I won't hold my breath.
  13. Particularly the ones that we falsely attirbute to him. We also like to pretend we're staking out the moral high ground and then pat ourselves on the back for it. Oh wait, I've exposed you once again. Oops.
  14. Really. And who put you in charge of the facts? Do you know, with certainty, the answers to all the questions that remain unanswered? You've oddly attempted to convict Zimmerman on a chat board. Congratulations. As I've been saying since the outset, questions surrounding this case deserve to be asked. No one deserves to be subjected to your imbecilic diatribe. You claimed WD "celebrated" the death of TM at the start of this thread. Know what's "abhorrent"? That kind of an accusation. Now prove he said it or prove your intellectual dishonesty.

    Oh, and if you can't see how Zimmerman being a Democrat just pokes another hole in the "conservatives are to blame" narrative, then you're more obtuse that I orginally thought. Is it "relevant" to this case? Nope. Is it relative to the narrative the Left is pushing? Unquestionably. And again, you want to start measuring the exploitation that's occuring in the wake of all this? I'm your guy. Say when.
  15. It's indeed tragic that Trayvon's dead. That tragedy is compounded by those who have decided to exploit it for political purposes as Sharpton, Jackson, and the left have. And I don't know if Zimmerman's killing of Trayvon can be justified or not--and neither do you--and neither do the tens of thousands across the country who think they know, either. Like I said earlier--all the people screaming "Racism!" and crying about stereotyping and fear-mongering are doing plenty of all three themselves.

    As for the relevance of Zimmerman being a Democrat, I can guarantee you--and would bet you any amount of money--that had he been a Tea Party member, it would have been trumpeted from every headline in every liberal rag in the country.

    I was brought up with a "wait until all the evidence is in" attitude because so many people had been quick to judge people based on the color of their skin. Now I find out that the very people who were counseling patience and understanding were just buying time until they could become the bigots and lynch mob rioters. Who knew?
  16. Some excellent points made by StL, Burf, TCUSA, and Free. Actually,.....we were among the first to say this was a tragedy. And IT IS tragedy. None of us are happy this young man lost his life . What we are angry about is ONCE AGAIN it appears the race baiters, opportunists, and political hacks of the main stream media and major politics have attempted to turn this case into something it never was. They originally attempted to frame this as " white conservative gun nut kills young minority" Now that the real facts are coming out those on the left are angry because the facts do not support their wild claims. To use this kids death as a way to gain political points, and worse yet.....to whip up racial hatred, is beyong reprehensible.

    But go ahead Todd.........frame the argument any way you want to, in the end the truth wins the day.
  17. This reminded me of why I stopped bothering to look at most threads on this forum......
  18. Your own need to point out that he has a good tooth or a hoodie, as if that were some indication of suspicion, is a good indication of where your prejudice lies. Please, do explain how having a gold tooth makes you suspicious.

    Oh, by the way, he didn't even have a gold tooth. There's a picture of him wearing a "grill", a removable piece of jewelry that I don't believe he was wearing that night, but hey, I don't expect you to understand the difference.

    Out of curiosity, why is it that the defense of Zimmerman shooting Martin is that you have a right to defend yourself from aggression, usually citing Florida's "Stand your ground" law. Yet, when it's Trayvon striking Zimmerman, it's a "criminal act"? Even though we know FOR A FACT that Zimmerman is the one that initiated contact with Martin, and therefore was considered the aggressor in the situation. Double standard yet again. Why is it that the use of lethal force against a minor by a man with a background of violence (see below) yeilds responses that he was defending himself, yet unarmed Trayvon with no history of violence isn't extended that same courtesy?

    Wow. Never become a rape counseler. "Well ma'am, if you weren't wearing that dress and you hadn't gone down that alley, you wouldn't have been raped. It's basically your fault". Please. Explain to me how being suspended from school (for marijuana, btw) warrants getting shot and killed in any form or fashion.

    No. First of all, we DON'T know that Trayvon was the one doing the attacking. We have a few eyewitnesses that say he was, and a few that contradict that account. Even if he was on top of Zimmerman, we don't know that it's "the criminal act" because he just as easily could have been defending himself.

    Second, we know quite a bit more. We know, FOR A FACT:
    -Travyon was unarmed. This is undisputed, right?
    -Zimmerman has a history of violence. He has been charged with resisting arrest and accused of domestic violence against his fiance in the past.
    -Zimmerman was told explicitly that he did not need to interact with Martin and that police were on their way (to which he responded "OK")
    -Zimmerman initiated contact with Martin.
    -Congressman Dennis Baxley, the Republican author of Florida's Castle Doctrine has explicitly stated "As the prime sponsor of this legislation in the Florida House, I'd like to clarify that this law does not seem to be applicable to the tragedy that happened in Sanford. There is nothing in the castle doctrine as found in Florida statutes that authenticates or provides for the opportunity to pursue and confront individuals, it simply protects those who would be potential victims by allowing for force to be used in self-defense." (Source)
  19. No, those are [Craig James] holes, not criminals. There's a difference. A criminal is someone that breaks the law, like killing a 17 year old unarmed kid. An [Craig James] hole is someone that tries to profit off it, or tries to defend it.

    Note that this is in reference to Martin’s parents. I would never pretend to understand what it must be like to lose a child, I don’t think any of us should speak to that. I DO however, feel that the NBP are acting criminally. They are a terrorist organization though, so it kinda goes without saying.

    The context of racism is not in criticism of Zimmerman. Though again, [Craig James] holes might want to pin it there. It’s pretty clear that Zimmerman has a number of issues, prejudice might be one of them, but I don’t think that he is a Klansman or anything of the sort. The greater accusation of racism comes from the actions of the police, set in a backdrop of both a country and a region that has a LOOOOONG history of police officers treating people differently based on their ethnicity.

    It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the use of lethal force against Martin was unjustified. Whether or not Martin had been suspended from school for marijuana is pretty irrelevant to that discussion.

    Perhaps they were, perhaps they weren’t, but the absolute core of issue here is: People have been arrested on far less than the evidence against Zimmerman.

    Put it this way: Let's imagine that Trayvon is the same age, but a white girl. Blonde hair blue eyes, cheerleader, you know the type. Then imagine Zimmerman is a 300 lb black dude with his same history. Same situation. You think he goes free like Zimmerman did because the cops take his self-defense claim at his word? Do you think the cops "wait and see how the facts of the case play out" befor arresting him? Not a chance in hell. That dude would be in a cell right now if he was black and the dead person was white, and the burden of proof for self-defense would be a lot more than "Well we don't know all the facts and we can't really conclusively prove that he DIDN'T act in self defense so what do you want us to do?". THAT'S where the accusation of racism is coming in, that the cops applied a double standard based on the ethnic background of the victim. That's a very very big problem, wouldn't you say?

    Try reading my post again. My quote was “What kind of a man are you that celebrates, or even tries to justify, an unarmed 17 year old being shot and killed?”. I stand by it. What kind of a man does that? Why are you bending over backwards to try and justify an unarmed 17 year old kid with no violent background being shot and killed by someone that initiated a confrontation with him?

    Just take a step back and think about it: A 140 lb kid that had just turned 17 was shot and killed in his father’s neighborhood by a 28 year old because he “looked suspicious”. Take out all the sensationalist media nonsense, take out all the moronic ramblings of Sharpton or any of the other sh-t stirrers or race baiters. A high schooler carrying an Iced Tea is dead for pretty much no reason at all. Now there are people, in this thread alone, trying to blame the 17 year old, or claim that Zimmerman was justified to do what he did? Come on/

    As for WD’s “celebrating / defending” it specifically: The OP of THIS THREAD is meaningless mudslinging regarding Martin’s Twitter handle as well as school suspensions, again trying to cast doubt over whether Martin was some aggressive criminal. Here are some other specific WD quotes:

    (What followed was a long post about how blacks commit more crime than whites)


    These are just a few, I can provide more if you like. Yes, it appears to me that WD is trying to defend the death of Martin as justified.

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