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  1. You lecturing me, or anyone else, about respect and denial is beyond absurd. Wow.
  2. Sic stat.

    Not to be disrespectful, or anything, but anyone with a smidgeon of reading comprehension will note that I didn't "lecture you about respect and denial." I lectured you on FF's moderation history and on how adults act.

    Just another part and parcel of how poorly you reason in any manner w.r.t. what's correct.
  3. Your fundamental assumption is wrong, as usual, in this case. FF may have earned your dubious respect but among the fair-minded folks I am in contact with here she is pretty universally not respected at all, unfortunately. So nice try but next time try to get your core assumptions correct so as not to attempt another wrong-headed, condescending lecture that just makes you look foolish.
  4. Are you over 20?

    BTW: Weren't you the paranoiac who was accusing people of PM'ing about you without a trace if evidence? Trust me: no one is.

    OTOH maybe __'s 3rd PM (post # 23 on the PM thread) about you was pretty funny. Who would have guessed that about you? :biggrin:

  5. What 'PM thread' are you talking about? I don't read many threads here other than the global warming threads. My main entertainment is watching you and Duqie make fools out of yourselves by posting things you can't back up and then getting called out on it by me and having no answer. Then there are your delusions about such things as medicine not being science, etc. Quite fun to watch you hang yourself with stupid comments, statistical incompetence, ignorance of the greenhouse gas signatures, etc. You are just a fountain of misinformation and incompetence, at least in the scientific realm - but boy is it fun to watch. ;)
  6. Are you 19?
  7. Still can't refute facts, eh? Are you 12? On drugs? BTW, what were you high on when you tried to compute confidence intervals on autocorrelated data and then inexplicably annointed yourself an expert on statistics? Must have been some good [Craig James].

    I gather from prior posts, when you were trying to rehabilitate your image after I exposed your statistical incompetence for all here to see, that you are a teacher of some sort. I sincerely hope for your students' sake that you do not teach statistics or science. If so then God help them.
  8. Are you 18?
  9. Proving once again that you are quite the numbers maven, lol.
  10. IOW, Burf, fnfree, whiskey....

    Definition of 'fair-minded' being we all think alike because we share the same brain......
  11. Said the sad little parrot. :wink:
  12. She's earned my "dubious" respect, too. BTW, can you please name these "fair-minded folks" who are so disrespectful of the lady?
    You seem like a very angry person. Is that true?
  13. LOL, sounds like a certain group of intolerant, mind-numbed liberals here. (I'll leave it for you to decide if you are part of the elitist, brain-sharing club).
  14. Rather ironic, isn't it? The psychologists call it 'projection'. Liberals are obviously very good at projection. ;)

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