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  1. The board rule is against personal attacks, of which there are none in here ( although you are welcome to use the report function and have it reviewed). The request for respect is how civilized people interact with each other. I'm sorry if any of this is too complicated for you to understand.
  2. You didn't have your post edited by a moderator for using that term, did you? Other people told you what they thought - that's how free speech works. You can say what you want in here within certain limits and other people can tell you what they think.
  3. So telling someone to "SHUT the F up" is not considered a personal attack in your world? Hmmmm..............interesting. I guess that whole southern hospitality thing seems to have changed, and QUITE A BIT. :wink:
  4. I've never edited from anyone else before. Do you want this to be a heavily censored environment?
  5. Geez, man, you're bringing a little tear to my eye making me think about how mean and horrible we've been to you. Yet, when I go back and review your post history, I find that reality doesn't really jibe with your victim narrative.

    The first thread on AGW that you started (to which anyone replied) was titled "Yale Study Shows Climate Skeptics are smarter than AGW alarmists: Skeptics are more scientifically and numerically literate"

    So your very first thread sets up the narrative that anyone who disagrees with you is stupid. A broad stroke insult against anyone who bothers to argue against your point-of-view.

    Newfs first response in this thread was a completely dispassionate review of the paper you linked, arguing that you misinterpreted the conclusions, not that the paper argued what your thread title suggested. No insults. Your response to him was: Oooh, looks like this one struck a nerve, eh? and an assertion that peer review is worthless. Not an insult but not exactly indicative of someone with a great deal of interest in discussing the matter intellectually.

    When Newf makes another long defense of the merits of peer review including references to multiple papers, and TCUSA responds calling Newf a parrot.


    You chime in:

    So I count four separate ad hominem insults and/or preemptively undercutting comments in response to a post that tried with excruciating detail to offer the alternative point-of-view.

    Newf's response had two marginally snarky responses, one saying your use of -gate suffixes for your various controversies was cliched and that you were arguing in circles.

    From there, the whole thread devolves into a massive snark/insult fest, of which you fully and willingly participate.

    So as I read it, you hurled the first insults, responded to the first several attempts to legitimately respond to your argument with more insults, and generally got what you wanted when the thread degenerated into a school-yard pissing contest.

    Yes indeed, you are clearly the victim.

    Your next thread is "New Year’s Resolutions For Climate Scientists" which lists a bunch of claims as to various flaws in the AGW theory and a sole comment:

    Again, a broad insult for anybody involved with or agreeing with the science. No one took your bait this time.

    A month later, you and Whisky continued the same tack:

    Again no one bit on this, because no one wanted to get into the absurdity of the conspiracy theory expressed, but the whole point was to demonize anybody who dares disagree with you as Godless communists.

    And shall we review your last few posts directed to me and Newf?

    It really does sadden my heart how we have victimized you. I really am deeply, deeply sorry ...
  6. of course I dont. As Ive said many times, NONE of this makes any difference to me, I just enjoy pointing out unfair bias when I see it is all. Now...........back to the question at hand....In your opinion,....does telling someone to shut the F up constitute a personal attack? Just trying to understand the rules of the game a little better is all......
  7. Wishful thinking I'm sure but wouldn't it be nice if we had a moderator who shows respect to others and doesn't disrupt threads, to set an example for us to follow? Just sayin'
  8. Looks like someone is still feeling some butthurt from being owned in this and other 'climate change' threads, lol. BTW, I'm still waiting for you to show me how my regressions are 'worthless'. Don't suppose you could be bothered to back up your bogus claims for once, could you?
  9. All I did was ask you to honor a request to not use a particular slur. I didn't edit your use of the word, I asked you to be respectful. If you don't like the way I moderate, go to a different board.
  10. Newsweek is also wrong on monetary policy...
  11. No doubt. I wonder if I'm qualified to sign petitions on the gold standard? I do like money, and I have some gold jewelry.
  12. I heard he refused to use his salad fork, dreadful...
  13. That's BS!
  14. I had a choice as I met all the requirements of either type of degree--as I took lots of courses broadly as well as deeply--but I could only pick one. Therefore, just to be a contrarian I took my undergrad degrees as BA's rather than BS's just to appear more artsy-fartsy.

    A contrarian like you should applaud me for this, correct?
  15. And once again, you make my point for me, you poor victim ...
  16. Standing O...

    I got a minor in studio art...
  17. Or, more exactly, "Sic stat."
  18. So change the subject when you can't back up your bogus claims? I guess that's what you do when you are caught posting crap - yet again - and can't prove anything. Seems to be a recurring theme for you.
  19. Pretty funny stuff, coming from one of the most insulting posters here. Yet you demand 'respect'. Seems to me that you should follow your own advice first.
  20. Correction: FF does not demand respect. She has earned respect. She very rarely corrects anyone in the behavioral sense even in some instances where I think she should. But when she has I can't say I've ever seen her correct someone wrongly. She even corrected me once about an important issue, and guess what? She was dead on, 100% correct.

    An adult listens to deserved correction. A less-than-mature person takes the routes of denial and pushback.

    Just sayin'.

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