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  1. No, I have not been asked until now but I will honor that request even though he has been rude, arrogant, and condescending from the start. Actually, I had no idea that 'Newfie' had any negative connotation in his culture but if it does I then apologize to him.

    But you know what? As a moderator here, you have seen fit come in to a thread I started on global warming and disrupt it with off-topic trolling and insults with absolutely no intention of contributing anything germane to the topic. This speaks volumes about the kind of person and moderator you are. You should conduct yourself more appropriately if you are moderating a forum.
  2. Actually every post I have made in this thread is directly related to the topic, not that I don't have the same right to post off-topic as everyone else. Again, I am going to continue to request that you treat people with respect, even in disagreement. If you cant do this, then this is not the board for you.
  3. And I ask for the same respect in return from you.
  4. Yet for some odd reason in another thread it was perfectly fine for ME to be falsely labeled as some kind of " Jew hater" even though I am the furthest thing from that label.

    The thread spoke for itself, many times in the thread I clarified my positions, yet the attacks on me were allowed to continue. THAT is exactly what happened. Only good thing that came out of that thread is I allowed people to hang themselves, show their true colors, how unbelievable biased they are. :wink: Look, everybody here KNOWS the deal. To deny it would be a lie,..............if your in the CLUB, no problems with anything that gets posted. If you are not............a wave of vultures descends upon you, twisting your every statement,......attacking as a group. I myself kind of like it to be honest because it exposes who people REALLY are and how cowardly they can be.
  5. Yeah, I think that it is pretty obvious that different standards apply here based on political beliefs. You have certainly conducted yourself much better than many here but your political views are unforgivable to those less tolerant. Fortunately, thanks to Wes and Scott, the main sports forum is not conducted/moderated in that fashion.
  6. 79, you better jump on Whisky here. He's posting off topic on your thread.
  7. This is not a fair accusation. You can post any political views you want as long as you don't break the board rules that were established by Wes and Scott. All someone asked you to do was not use a specific offensive term, a request that he has made many times here in the past when it has been unwittingly used by those of all different political persuasions. Don't try and paint yourself as some kind of victim.
  8. As I say,....I actually enjoy it. Always sweet when people expose....THEMSELVES. :laugh:

    Ive been putting together quite a nice little collection of what I call " greatest hits" Where people say one thing in one thread,.........then a week or so later totally contradict what they said in the earlier thread. Its quite a nice little collection with a few sweet little shockers in there. Also some nice examples of incredible Bias. Gonna continue building for awhile before I release it. :biggrin: Going to be highly entertaining and good for more than a few say the least. :wink:
  9. Ive been called MANY names in here Frisky, countless times. For some odd reason that all seems to be A O.K. Then again Ive never officially complained about it either, nor ever will as I think its funny. I just enjoy pointing out the glaring Bias is all. :wink:
  10. Interesting to see some here demand 'respect'. I have seen you insulted and disrespected scores of times on this particular forum but the powers that be don't seem to think that is a big deal, apparently because they are often the perpetrators themselves. However, if one of us kiddingly calls someone perceived as being overly sensitive a certain name, defined by wiki as "a colloquial term used in Canada for someone who is from Newfoundland" (no negative connotation that I can see with that definition) then it apparently is a Conservative Thought Crime worthy of possible banishment from the forum. Go figure.
  11. Accuse the accuser....always a rock solid basis for a complaint.

    If we're all such horrible people around here, then leave. Nobody's holding a gun to your head. If not, shut the f up and grow a pair. We've all had our conflicts on this board. We just don't cry about it.
  12. You sure said a mouthful there! Unknowingly said it,.........but still! :wink: Too funny. :biggrin:
  13. You do realize of course that this whole thing started by Newf, Uni, and Frisky complaining about a term 79 used to describe Newf. You understand that.....right? :laugh:


    Sometimes it pays to, you know,...ACTUALLY READ a thread before posting in it. :laugh:

    They just may be interested in knowing that you told them to......." shut the F up and grow a pair"
  14. BOOM!!! And just like that...............

    " RUN for the hills boys!"....

    :unsure: Too funny!
  15. Moderator, oh moderator, where are you? I have not been shown respect and my feelings are hurt. :( I demand that you enforce your own board rules and threaten to ban this person immediately!
  16. You better get yourself a whole case of snicker bars,............your gonna be waiting a longgggggggggggggggg time for that to ever happen! :laugh:

  17. Ya think?!
  18. I don't suppose that same standard might apply to your buddies on this board would it?
  19. True story..........I once used a derogatory term in here to describe gay people,.....You can just about imagine how I was attacked for it. another thread,...Paf continually used the terms Dikes and fudgepackers to describe gays. Not a peep from the mods. NOTHING,....ZILCH, Nada. LOL

    To me,...........I could really care less, I just think its funny pointing out the OBVIOUS bias and enjoy doing so. Luckily,........some in here continually provide me with all the ammo I'll ever need. Its alot of fun,..........quit frankly I enjoy pointing out the Bias and rubbing folks faces in THEIR OWN poo! :biggrin:

    I see it almost like a sport! LOL
  20. Oh now that's a big surprise. ;)

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