1. It seems like the one thing that Obama has absolutely no defense for is his failure with the economy. Yet because of the PP controversy and the insurance ruling on religious institutions, and Iran, Syria, no one is talking about the economy anymore. Have the Republicans fallen for his trap?
  2. No,.....they havent. The media can attempt to control the narrative all they want to,.......but in the end the common man and woman on the street is talking about the economy. WHAT REALLY matters is NOT what the media is talking about, or not even what the individual candidates are talking about,...to be honest. What matters is what the PEOPLE are talking about.

    In the end.........people vote by their wallets and out of fear of that wallet shrinking.

    Obama and the media WISH people werent talking about this issue, in fact they will even attempt to proclaim that people arent talking about this issue, even though they KNOW they are.


    Guess what.........you can sheet in one hand and wish in the other, see which one gets full first! :biggrin:

    The number one issue of the day is the economy.......as it always is.
  3. Smart Americans KNOW that the Iran issue and Planned Parenthood and all this other garbage are merely sideshows designed to get folks to take their eye off the ball.

    Guess what? Some poor SOB living in anytown USA who has already lost his job and is in the process of losing his home, could give a damn less about Planned parenthood. And he sure as hell doesnt want to see any corny HOPE AND CHANGE signs that he was dumb enuff to buy into the first time.
  4. Doubt it's an explicit trap, but I do think that harping on social wedge issues is a definite loser for the reps this time around. And it could be Obama's salvation.

    At least what I think at the moment. In politics that can change on a dime as events happen.
  5. This is Obama's only option you see. One thing he cant do is run on his record, thats for sure. The Obama record is all about broken campaign promises and economic failure.

    He said he wouldnt have lobbyists as part of his administration...........In fact he loaded up on them

    He said he was against aspects of the patroit act/fisa..........He has actually greatly expanded it.

    He said he would close Guantanamo.............:laugh:

    The stimulus failure, the high unemployment, the debt/deficit.....On and on and on.

    He is engaging in BIGTIME class warfare, and if it rips the country to shreds? He could give a damn less.

    He says one thing yet does another.

    His whole reelection campaign is one big dog and pony show.......because IT HAS TO BE. Its all he has.

    And dont even get me started on Iran......Obama has pushed this from day one through his own PLANNED inaction.
  6. I don't think it is a trap as much as lull in the discussion. The reason the economy isn't the big issue being discussed has more to do with the fact it seems to be rebounding more than Obama trying to distract to other issues. Also, Iran and Syria would obviously be big issues regardless.

    But that will change. Summer gas prices will wear on him, and who knows how Europe will impact the recovery. Also, there will undoubtedly be some bad month jobs reports. There will be plenty of opportunities to whittle at Obama on the economy in the ensuing months.
  7. I think you are right if it is framed as a universal women's right issue, which it is not. If the R's can frame it where it really is, 1st. Ammendment and freedom of religion, then they will win. If this flies, which of our freedoms will next be trampled upon?
  8. Possibly. But in trying to frame it as free speech, it is probably good to have at least a token woman on the stage or the argument gets dragged right back away from free speech to trying out wedges again. And as for social wedges, I think you're agreeing the public as a whole is a bit sick of that.

    I hope so anyway. added: Hope the public is sick of it, that is. Well I hope you agree too, but I meant the first.
  9. Well, personally I am sick of the social, economic, and racial wedges the left keeps trying to drive into the people of this great nation...but I think that is about all they know how to do....it is likely all they have.
  10. You be tired of that, and I'll be tired of Rove and Fox. Maybe then they'll all go away.

    That said, smart dems don't wedge, they "triangulate". Smart reps would do well to look at that strategy this time around. They would need so very little triangulation to win.
  11. replace "left" with "politicians"
  12. Example, please.
  13. About "triangulation"???? See wiki.

    Or just remember how Clinton grabbed off extra moderates by accepting some right points, or how Tony Blair ruled a formerly socialist party, heaven forbid, as the English majority by grabbing off the moderates.

    If reps are to try wedge tactics today--and they seem to be flirting with just that--the wedge will go in too far to the right. And, I think, they lose. Against all odds saying they really ought to win easily. If they accept the most minimal moderate-ish platform points that the more extreme right can live with, I think they would win given all the other things going on by grabbing off the center.

    Santorum would be a losing proposition, I think. Romney, if he can escape the nomination with any shred of credibility left[sup]*[/sup], would be in a good Clintonian position. Not sure it's gonna happen, though. Even if he gets the nomination, what Romney has had to promise to during the nomination process will be replayed endlessly until the election.

    At least that's how I read the present polls. Obviously things can change.

    [sup]*[/sup]Bad word choice, I know.
  14. Santorum's creepy Catholic sex Nazi act really bothers me. I don't care what he chooses to do or how he looks at the world, but his explanations for wanting to ban birth control are creepy insights into his own thinking.

    All his sex arguments on based on needing outside limits imposed to control himself, I suppose. After all, it would be endless sexcapades if everybody used birth control. And if gay marriage wasn't illegal, he would end up married to his dog.
  15. I think you've called the SuperPAC ads pretty well here should Santorum win the nomination. They just about write themselves, actually.

  16. This seasons October surprise will be:..... INSERT drum roll here please.....

    Too big to fail (too big to have to stop and have an election - vote) or change horses in the middle of the stream....Now which like minded socialists looked the other way while Pearl Harbor was attacked ?? :eek:hmy:
    All eyes on Iran and the devaluation of the dollar.
  17. No, I mean examples of what the R's should do to "triangulate".
  18. They need to pick an issue they can triangulate on. It cannot be a completely core issue which the reps have zero wiggle room on, but it has to be an important one to people in general. Like Clinton's welfare proposals, for example.

    Two ideas...

    --Sensible cuts in the military budget together with some sensible rises, but on balance cuts. One might cut the parts of the military budget which are clearly archaic like bases meant to deter Russian shock troops marching across the German border while increasing capabilities in areas that are really critical like FIBUA operations.

    --Sensible tax code changes that would include some increases and many cuts to special interest deductions all directed at working to reduce the deficit while actually paying for the govt people demand. (I think Norquist might be losing his stranglehold enough where this could be done.)

    There's others, but this is the sort of thing that would make the reps unbeatable as it would show flexibility, rationality, and actually be good for the country in ways that lots of people could resonate to without completely alienating the farther right.
  19. Ah, now I understand. Of course, they weren't Clinton's welfare proposals (sucker vetoed them twice). But you mean like the two or three Medicare proposals like the Ryan plan that saves it as we mostly know it? Or maybe the fair tax plan or the 9-9-9 where current industries getting sweetheart tax deals now have to pay?

    Just jabbing you but I understand your point. It's just that in this day of hyper partisanship, any idea someone else has is going to be villified before it is even evaluated (see "Ryan Plan").
  20. Number of times NFF has whined about Fox News and Karl Rove on this board: Eleventy gazillion.

    Number of times NFF has whined about the demonstrably more partisan MSNBC or any left-center media outlet: ZERO.

    I love moderates[sup]TM[/sup].

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