Gameday Thread: TCU vs Kansas State

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by TxFrog1999, Dec 3, 2016.

  1. Trill out?
  2. Confirmed? Heard he didn't practice
  3. Turpin, Lewis, Denzel, Hill, Hicks..... seems like all are questions at the very least after last week.
  4. Damn, sounds more like a military Mash Unit.
  5. Wearing same thing as last year's Baylor game. Hope FTW Frog doesn't punch me in the nose on a big play again.
  6. No prediction thread, so here we go.

    Frogs 38 - Wizards 14. #10 has 2 TDs. And #94 has a score a la Baylor in the rain. Let's go!'
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  7. The Princess and I are here with our group of about 20. Very cool at AGC but no rain. Great football weather at the moment. Come on out. Both teams look energetic and intonit in warm ups, FWIW
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  8. Hill/Anderson working first team reps. Foster/TJ second team.

    edit: just saw hicks too. With Sawyer. So who knows. Just mix-n-match at this point.
  9. Supervising an LSAT this AM. Updates appreciated until these would-be lawyers finish up or realize they should choose a less-loathsome profession.
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  10. My proctor at El Centro had the temp in the gym down to about 60 degrees. Everybody finished quickly.
  11. Weather isn't bad at all YET. Gonna be a sparse crowd for sure. 24-21 Frogs.
  13. Also, where in the world are the fans, specifically the students? It's 23 mins before kickoff, not raining, and nearly 50º outside and the student section isn't even 1/4 full.
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  14. Man, what a crowd!
  15. Be a JAG attorney, slightly less loathsome, but they still aren't warfare qualified...
  16. Are we really gonna question where the fans are? We knew it would be sparse. I'm gonna ballpark it at 25,000-30,000 by kickoff.

    Should just put everyone in the lower bowl.

    Edit - attendance estimate may be high.
  17. I actually OVER dressed. Sweating in my layers as I type this.
  18. Rain just started.

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