***Game thread: Frogs at OU***

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  1. [ What the heck? ] are we doing we not know how many pointd we are down?
  2. Why not call a TO there?
  3. Extremely low basketball IQ towards the end of OT
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  4. Down 4 with 16 seconds left and we were passing it around trying to find the open 4-point shot. Nobody wants to take the big shot with game on the line.
  5. Noi is playing like he’s drunk
  6. From bubble to NIT
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  7. Unreal.

    Missing the dance is a very real possibility this year.
  8. We’re a good team, but this is real frustrating.
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  9. Different verse, same as the first. I hope we will eventually learn how to win these games.
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  10. Mind boggling. Entire TCU defense just stopped to watch Trey Young. Embarrassing.
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  11. Team isn’t composed of players with a winners mentality...at least not yet. We won’t win any of these close games until we grow up and start playing defense.
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  12. What's the point. Game over.
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  13. I have no words.
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  14. We should be 4-1. I'll give Kansas the win. But we've choked three wins away. Don't see an NCAA tourney fir this team. Hopefully those that return learn..
  15. We have no clue what we are doing at the end of a game. We even had a 5 minute timeout
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  16. Posts like this are just darning ridiculous. We’ve got 13 conference games left. SMH.
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  17. Missing the NIT this year is a real possibility.
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  18. Calm down everyone

    Baylor started 1-8 in Big 12 play in 2014 and still got a 6 seed.
  19. Dixon has to be better in the last 2 mins of our games just like our players do.....it’s embarrassing

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