FWST: Running back Ed Wesley considered NFL, but sticks with TCU

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  1. FWST: Running back Ed Wesley considered NFL, but sticks with TCU

    By Mac Engel

    TCU running back Ed Wesley will return for his senior season, but there was a time when he had every intention of declaring for the NFL Draft.

    TCU coach Gary Patterson said Wesley was going to turn pro because his mother is sick and he wanted to take care of her. But after considering his options, Wesley decided to stay at TCU.

    "He wants to get his degree and have a better [senior] year," Patterson said. ...

  2. "So far in spring practice, Brown has been a major migraine in one-on-one coverage."

    spring practice has already begun :wacko:
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    "If we can cover our group, we'll be able to cover anybody in the country," Patterson said. "I don't know if we'll play anybody with a faster group of wideouts."​

    As talented and productive as Josh Boyce has been the past two seasons, Patterson said he has never had a receiver with the physical tools of redshirt LaDarius Brown. He has sprinter's speed and is 6-foot-4, 222 pounds. So far in spring practice, Brown has been a major migraine in one-on-one coverage.​
    Love to hear that. With that speed and that size, if he has the guts, hands and instincts of Boyce, he should be more than a handful. [​IMG]
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  4. I hate to hear Wesley's mother is sick. Hopefully he has a great Senior year and gets drafted next year so he can take care of her.
  5. That is sure a lot to put on the shoulders of a young man.
  6. Yes it is.
  7. Wise decision, Ed. :rolleyes:
    arrived on campus
    at 6-2, 190. :tongue:
  8. Prayers for Ed's mom.

    No wonder #34 is so tenacious. I guess he has a lot of motivation to play well.
  9. I thought Wesley had an average season last year and was overshadowed by James. Hopefully he can return to the form of his sophomore year and dominate. Our running back rotation is also one of the best in the Big 12.

    I am so excited for Ladarius "Dew" Brown. If he is as tall and fast as GP is insinuating, he may be unstoppable. I have a feeling he is going to shock everyone, since all the focus has been on Boyce, Dawson, and Carter.
  10. His averages were relatively similar to his 2010 season. He wasn't that far off. It's just your second point that makes both Wesley and Tucker seem worse than they are... Waymon James averaged over 7 yards a carry in 2011. That is ridiculous... the guy was a monster. Why he didn't get 60% of our carries, I'm not sure. Wesley needs to just stay healthy, his form was fine this year.

    Too many WRs! Too much offense in general though... our offensive coordinators better be gearing up for the next two years under Pachall. We should be a top 10 offense, if not top 5.
  11. It doesn't matter how good the skilled position guys are if the big uglies don't block. That is my biggest concern this year. To quote GP, we need to grow up at OL.
  12. We did lose a lot of OL the past two years from 2010 and 2011 seasons.
  13. He's used that quote from time to time....

    I think we were concerned about the O-line last season in the spring and fall camps.....but they jelled and prevailed. Now, we have stiffer competition so hopefully they can get coached-up.
  14. And yet again:

    Same song, umpteenth verse. WTH? I know everybody likes Williamson, but OL hasn't been a strong suit of ours since the Wacker days. OL never seems to match the rest of the team, even when we have experience.

  15. Guess the line from the Fiesta and Rose Bowl teams (Marshal Newhouse drafted by/plays for the Packers, Marcus Cannon was drafted by/plays for the Pats, Jake Kirkpatrick won Rimington Trophy and is now with the Colts) was just a mirage, huh.....
  16. I thought our OL play in 2010 was fantastic. I thought last year it ended up better than expected.
  17. Kind of what I was thinking. Our o-line always seems to be solid, regardless of our usual pre-season concerns.
  18. When you are always graduating 2 or 3 starting Seniors it probably means things are going as they should. After all, the Seniors are starting, which means you made good recruiting picks from the get go and you have the guys with the most experience and weight gain out there overall. When you have a year with no starters leaving it usually means you had 4 freshman and a sophmore on the field at some point not too long ago.
  19. I think our OL play has been solid as well.

    That being said, I will admit that we tend to struggle running the ball when we play the more big name opponents (Clemson, OU, Texas, Wisconsin, Boise in 2010/2011)
  20. Seriously?

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