FWST: Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield will be an NFL bust

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  1. Hahahhahah by all means, begin, please, I beg you. This should be great.
  2. You obviously haven't watched him play. Your mistake.

    He's a great player and it's a shame the grapes are so sour within your fanbase.
  3. OU is still living in the 80s.
  4. I take it you haven't read the earlier posts in this thread where people are actually DEFENDING this kid against the writer? And to top it off, you went full baylor by trying to turn it back on our history with troubled players. You're absolutely correct, we've had some players make boneheaded mistakes. Pachall, Boykin, the "massive drug ring" of 4 players, and more. But guess what?

    Pachall was benched for the year and our coach PAID FOR HIS REHAB TO HELP TURN HIM AROUND. In fact, Patterson and his wife started a foundation to help disadvantaged kids not too long after that. He came back the following year, clean and sober, and played until injury took him out again.

    Boykin was benched for the entire game, SENT HOME in fact, from the last game of his senior year, and a bowl game to boot!

    Drug ring? ALL 4 PLAYERS, including one of the best linebackers on the team were IMMEDIATELY removed from the team and expelled from school.

    The list goes on and on. They made mistakes, but they paid consequences.

    Your guys? Mixon? Breaks a girl's face ON CAMERA, and runs like a coward. Gets to red-shirt a year, then leaves early to go to the NFL.

    BM? Gets arrested for Public Intox, then tries to run, gets tackled and cries like a little [ poofster ]. Punishment is...um...nothing. Not a single thing. Fondles his own crotch and yells [ darn ] you at opposing team after scoring a touchdown against the perennial powerhouse Kansas. Punishment? Gets taken out for two plays against next opponent, chalks it up to his competitive nature.

    Dude...never go full baylor.
  5. .....do you know anything about OU's player history over the years? Why don't you google OU arrests in the 1980s and 1990s and let me know how that goes. Might wanna do some research first before you act like TCU is a collection of thugs and narcos.
  6. It wasn't Bakesale being arrested so much as his squeaking like a little girl when he couldn't outrun the Arkansas cops-- not to mention his being dumb enough to try. He sure makes some priceless video, Bakesale does.

    Now Mixon's video is another thing entirely. Not a single laugh on that one.

    False equivalency is what it's called, comparing what Mixon did to anything a contemporary TCU player did-- yah, we had a violent one a few years back, but that dude was kicked out of school permanently. OU brings back its felons after a year under cover.

    Back to Baker-- priceless. And any comparison of squeaking and running from the cops, and being caught, to an arrest for a misdemeanor quantity of weed is another false equivalency. Bakesale's good for much more of a laugh than anything done on video by a TCU player.
  7. As sour as going on an opponent's forum and mocking them after you've already won?

    Oh wait, that's just being an asshat.
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    I think we’ve placated the village idiot long enough. Enjoy the trailer park thereasonableone.
  9. Good luck with the ACC refs out in Pasadena :) . They might not be so friendly.
  10. Liked for "placated"
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  11. He is also the biggest a hole in college football -

    I realize the redneck land that probably gets you a shot at your first cousin instead of settling for your sister - but I will pass on that dip [ steaming pile of Orgeron ] representing TCU
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  12. Galloway did the same and no one bitched. Get over it. I have no problem with this column. Uh, it IS an opinion piece. Please learn the difference. Good gosh man.
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  13. Can’t wait to see Suh throw him around like a rag doll. His douchery won’t be put up with in the nfl.
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  14. I read a recent NFL mock draft that had him going towards the end of the 1st round to the Saints. Sit behind Drew Brees for a year or two, learn how to be a professional etc.. similar offense to Oklahoma too.

    I love the guys game, just hate everything else about him. He has a chance to be a stud.
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  15. He smile when he poses for pictures looks like he has a dump in his pants.
  16. He'll end up a Jet somehow I'm afraid just to make me suffer even more...
  17. Actually, I loved every word of it. Bravo Mac Engel, for saying what most sports writers never have the gonads to say. A rare blow struck for honesty.

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  18. Whenever a guy posts "Someone go to their message board and post this or that" -- indicating you don't feel strongly enough about it to do this yourself -- it really makes me question your motives.

    You fear that OU fans will be offended by Mac's column, and you feel some TCU representative should go to their board and disavow Engel, but you know whoever does that will be bombarded with withering Sooner criticism, so God knows you're not going to be the one to do it. Best sucker some other TCU fan into being the patsy and fall guy.

  19. Engel just wants to stir controversy, that is his deal. Thinks it helps readership and maybe it does.

    I've heard over and over that Baker is 6'2, but he looks shorter. To me, he will do well in any event because of his double quick release and ability to see the field. Plus he is just super accurate with his throws. He is tougher than nails and is always excited like he just won the presidency. Reminds of Bobby Layne some.

    He's a winner, a little different than Engel. There is one similarity tho, both are bonified (sp) "jerks".

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