FWST: Logo will no longer come with Frog attached

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  1. FWST: Logo will no longer come with Frog attached

    By Stefan Stevenson

    TCU is heading into the Big 12 Conference without its Frog. At least, the school's logo is.

    The school released an updated logo sans the Horned Frog. The new logo, or mark, is a simple purple arched "TCU," similar to the previous logo, but without the Frog sitting below it. Media have been instructed that the Frog logo is still OK to use, but it must stand alone, separate from the arched TCU.

    But don't fret, Frog fanatics, the Frog will still be part of the logo on one version of TCU football helmets in 2012. TCU will decide on which helmet to wear with which uniform on a week-to-week basis. Frogs coach Gary Patterson likely hasn't forgotten that his team hasn't lost a game since 2008 at Utah while wearing the Frog logo helmets.

    So don't be surprised if the Frog makes numerous appearances this fall. You just won't see the TCU logo and the Frog together as much anymore. ...

    Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/2012/05/03/3934732/tcu-report-logo-will-no-longer.html#storylink=cpy​
  2. First we are no longer Texas Christian. Now the Frog is gone. Boo!
  3. And the purple. All hail anthracrite gray!

  4. I will soon be interviewing candidates for a new school to root for. I wonder if LSU will be any good this year.
  5. Here we go again.
  6. Incessant tinkering....change for the sake of change
  7. More than that. This is how it went down..... 20 people in a room for 12 hours:

    "I don't know...what do you think?"
    "I don't know , what do you think?"
    "What do you think?"
    "I asked you first"

    10 hours later......

    "Let's lose the Frog"
    "I like the frog, let's lose the letters"
    "How about we use the frog sometimes and use the letters sometimes"
    "Let's vote...I'm starving"
  8. We still have purple - its the white that has disappeared. We need to change that cheer to PURPLE BLACK.
  9. Maybe six or seven years ago, TCU made it known it wanted to be known simply as TCU. Easier to remember and say than Texas Christian University.

    How many people call Louisiana State University, LSU?
  10. I can hear it now...the first Big XII home game...one side of the newly renovated ACS stadium rises to their feet and shouts PURPLE at the top of their lungs. Not to be out done, the other side rises to its feet and shouts ANTHRACITE GRAY!
  11. Just LSU A&M please...
  12. Boo! Bring back the Frog!
  13. ^^ that ^^
  14. Who cares? Lets just play some damned football and they want to wear anthracite, big deal. We all know who the good guys are.
  15. Removing the Frog is a big mistake.
  16. Well there you have it
  17. ^This
  18. What happens when someone get's tired of Frog Fountain on campus and wants to replace it with a hot tub because the Jacuzzi CEO sends his daughter or son to TCU... or Texas Christian University... or the University formerly known as "The Horned Frogs" ? (someone better inform them that we don't do or sell drugs on this campus now before they decide to come here...).
    We're all just retailing whores and sell out too Nike, or whoever comes along with a "better" idea and money hanging out of their pockets. Forget Tradition; that's oldschool. Maybe we ought to make Mr. Clean our new mascot now that we have broken up the Ft Worth drug cartel.
  19. Yeah, for marketing/PR purposes only. For all official purposes we are still -- and always have been -- Texas Christian University.
  20. The arched TCU is much more of our traditional look than the chubby Frog logo. It's not like the Frog logo has been around since the 30's, and we're ditching it to appease Nike.

    We're going towards a more timeless/classic look

    Now, if we were going to Dino-Frog, you might have a point

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