FWST: Leader of TCU interfraternity group arrested

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  1. Phi Kapp? :laugh:
  2. A sig I am a sig i'll be a sig for all eternity! A sig by day a sig by night, to be a sig is my delight. In Hoc. EX don't Shave their chests!! Maybe down low to make things look bigger.
  3. Turns out they were in a hurry to finish up their Creme Brulee and this all getting blown way out proportion.
  4. Phi Kapp is the biggest joke of a fraternity. With a few exceptions, I've never seen a group of more dooshes than them.
  5. Is that the same as an Omaha Bird Feeder?
  6. Exactly :laugh:

  7. Everyone is entitiled to establish their own metrics on fraternities. Mine include: 1.) comparing the chapter's GPA against the All Campus Average over a period of 5 to 10 years. 2.) What percentage of recruited new members/pledges stay involved with the chapter over the full four year college experience. 3.) how they are perceived by the university adminstration over a multiple year period....ie how often do they have incidents that require their national fraternity to become involved.

    Everything else, IMO, such as quality of parties, performance in intramurals, service hours, $$ raised for philantrophies.....don't weigh like the metrics above.

    Just my opinion. As a 61 year old alum and District Governor of one of our fraternities.
  8. Man, I think about all the weekends I spent chasing students down the street with a blow torch. Never got caught, not even once.

    And to think about how often it occurs- every weekend. Unlucky this dude was last weekend, no doubt.
  9. Everyone make sure your license plates lights are working. I once got pulled over because they thought I was hiding drugs in there. Sounds like the PD there is getting to that point.
  10. Good grief. It is well past time that we legalized weed, reduced the drinking back to 18, and stopped allowing Baptists to make laws for other people.
  11. Amen.

    And seriously guys, if you're going to turn this into a "which frat sucks and which are awesome" conversation, then just please leave forever. What an immature conversation. I have some I personally don't like and some I do, but that conversation just turns into a pissing contest. There are awesome people and there are [Cowherd]s in every organization, which includes fraternities and sororities.
  12. Actually I laughed at that part. It's like the cops arrived on the scene, saw the guy chasing people around with a torch, and then decided that the real problem was the beer.

    "You -- keg boy! -- we're taking you downtown. Guy with the blowtorch -- as you were."
  13. Seriously? You are blaming a particular denomination for the problems? I agree with your point about weed and alcohol, but your blame is misplaced.
  14. He's probably using it in the sense of Baptists and bootleggers.
  15. And your point?
  16. Man I was wondering with the couple of threads lately about the fraternities if my old fraternity was ever going to come up. SuperToad and Bonner hate me and think I am a doosh.

  17. 19 y.o.: "Can I join the Marines?"

    Society: "Yes, and thank you for your service."

    19 y.o.: "Can I have a beer?"

    Society: "Absolutely not! You don't have the necessary judgment to be allowed that!"

    19 y.o.: "Can I buy all sorts of assault rifles?"

    Society: "Does the Pope wear funny hats? Knock yourself out at cheaperthandirt. You can see all their bargain guns in the sports section."

    19yo: "Can I have a glass of wine with my meal?"

    Society: "You can't be trusted with an intoxicant like wine."

    19 y.o.: "Does that make sense?"

    Society: "It doesn't have to make sense. Lawmakers are drunk and high when they pass these laws. The only reason they run for office is to get out of small town backwaters so they can party away from the crystal meth and the church ladies."
  18. Bwhahahhahahaha. I don't know why but this really made me chuckle.
  19. I never said that. All I did was mention the name...I was just pointing out that they are not very reputable and were just recently taken of probation or whatever punishment they had. Don't think they could wear letters my first 2 years at TCU.
  20. Hey, I said exceptions. Im sure alums are cool. I was just making the comment about this years recruited class.

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