FWST: Leader of TCU interfraternity group arrested

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  1. I have also heard that TCU students have removed the "Do not remove under penalty of law" tags off of their pillows. This is sure to be breaking news on Channel 5 tonight.
  2. It was Sigma Chi, and happened the day after a raid. It's a shame, a bunch of really good guys just getting unlucky. I hope they don't get kicked off of campus from their nationals.
  3. Yeah. Nothing is more unlucky than getting caught dealing drugs and chasing people with blow torches.
  4. Sigma Chi is far from the worst here at TCU, but to say they were "just getting unlucky" made me lol.
  5. Yeah they did get unlucky actually, house parties are broken up every single weekend and 99.9% of the time the partygoers are just told to go home. These cops were out to get more students in trouble, they gave out 3 providing to minor and about 14 MIC's. So yeah, I would call that unlucky.
  6. thanks for your wonderful insight illini
  7. Also, all-knowing, who is "the worst?"
  8. Was thinking the exact same thing. To be fair there are at least several frats that should receive sanctions.
  9. Valid point.

    Bonner is right though (omg did I just say that?), they probably had it coming, but they did get unfairly singled out.
  10. Thank you, not saying that what they did was right, it just sucks to get caught for doing something that is done multiple times every single weekend. Still would like to hear your "worse" fraternities, and why.
  11. Delta Tau Delta
    Sig Ep


    Those three are the worst frats at TCU
  12. Should have been smarter after all the crap that has just went down. Talk to my dad and step mom about this today. They will make an example of out him and Sigma Chi.

    If this crap happens any other time, it wouldn't be a big deal. However, with all of the bad press for TCU they will act swiftly and boldly
  13. Sig Ep? Pretty sure there are several ahead of them for worst frat...
  14. Dude, your parents sound really cool. It would be ridiculous for the school to take any serious action against a house party, there is numerous ones every weekend, hell even GDI's occassionaly have them.
  15. Both TCU professors. You wouldn't know that since you never post here, but thanks for the ahole prick comment.

    The house will have a sanction against it and he will be dealt slightly more severely. Like you said they agreed he just did what every frat house does. However he wasn't careful and got caught at the worst possible time for TCU.

    Making an example doesnt mean expelling the guy, but he will be punished.
  16. Sounds like someone got caught giving a guy the ol' Tarrant County Blow Torch
  17. Hahaha
  18. When we were in school, the Sig Eps and Fijis were probably the most likely to have guys giving each other a Sacramento Bird Feeder
  19. And you are or were a ?

    I know of which Fraternities are usually on double secret probation, and none of the three mentioned are them.
  20. Does anybody know whether the blow-torch incident was more shenanigan or actually malicious?

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