FWST: Leader of TCU interfraternity group arrested

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  1. FWST: Leader of TCU interfraternity group arrested

    FORT WORTH -- The president of Texas Christian University's Interfraternity Council was arrested Thursday on suspicion of furnishing alcohol to minors.

    Fort Worth police were called to the 3500 block of Rogers Avenue at 11:27 p.m. Thursday.

    According to a police report, the caller told a dispatcher that "a person with a blowtorch was chasing another person attempting to set them on fire."

    Sgt. Pedro Criado, a police spokesman, said Saturday that he could not confirm how many of the people cited or arrested were TCU students. Police did not see or find a blowtorch, Criado said.

    According to the report, 11 people were cited for alcohol violations and three were arrested on a charge of furnishing alcohol to minors.

    Arrested were Casey Ross Tounget, 21; Macdonald George Wesner, 21; and John Bosworth, 20.

    Tounget is listed on TCU's website as president of the TCU Interfraternity Council, the governing body for the 10 national fraternities on campus. -- Susan McFarland

  2. Great Googly Moogly!
  3. I wonder what fraternity
  4. no way-- a frat cat providing beer to minors? At TCU?

    I don't believe it.
  5. Why do I keep laughing when I envision someone chasing another person with a blow torch?
  6. Three days after the drug arrests and running around like idiots, drawing attention to themselves? Believe it.

  7. [​IMG]
  8. This is "arrest TCU students for things that happen at every university" week.
  9. Because you know FWPD put this image out for the person of interest:

  10. Dear TCU students,
    Time to lay low, be smart, self-evaluate. There is a crackdown right now (right or wrong) in and around campus. Don't think it won't happen to you.
  11. If a TCU student writes a hot check it is going to make a headline.
  12. I'm surprised they haven't "raided" another high-profile house near campus. There were probably 25 kids sitting on the roof of it the other night with dozens more in the yard.

    Not that I'm condemning the kids, as I did the same every weekend when I was that age. Just probably best to lay low for a while.
  13. It could be any of them, right? Is there a fraternity that doesn't supply alcohol to its underage members? I mean, like, every day?
  14. And post their pictures on the local news.

  15. Rumor has it one of the offensive linemen clogged a toilet at Moncrief Hall last night..but again that's just a rumor that's "floating" around.
  16. I got pulled over for having a brake light out guys. I'm sorry...I didn't know. Univision is already camping out on the lawn. The Onion is about to release a shocking expose. Becky Oliver is calling me non-stop. This is about to be a huge crap storm.
  17. If you have a TCU window decal or license plate, you are a target. Be smart.
  18. Emblem on the tailgate and trailer hitch cover. Taking them off before I head to church.

  19. I got pulled over for the same thing driving by campus. I think he was disappointed to see how old I was.

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