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  1. Blatant.
  2. Yep Ripoff. Boise sucks.
  3. Wow. They even used "Fight 'em till hell freezes over then fight 'em on the ice," they should be embarrassed.
  4. A "ripoff" is when you produce something new, but wholly unoriginal because it mirrors something that already exists.

    The Blue Donkey vid is not even a "ripoff" - it's straight up copyright infringement.
  5. Nothing pissed me off more than them using "Fight 'em till hell freezes over then fight 'em on the ice". It's one thing to ripoff one teams video (which is unimaginative [Craig James] [Craig James]), but to steal another teams historic, legendary slogan is flagrant, disrespectful bull[Craig James]. Grow up you bunch of potato humping, inbreeding cowards.

    Wow, Craig James slipped my mind a lot [​IMG]
  6. Apparently, the guy who put that video together won an award for it. What a worm. Somebody should call, uhm, somebody.

    Edit: By the way, not only does the first half of the Boise video rip off our 2009 intro, the second half rips off our 2010 music.
  7. Was it Boise that made this video or was it the bowl game trying to put something together real quick? This seems way too ridiculously copied to be real!
  8. More material to get our guys fired up for the game.
  9. Reminds me of the guy at our HS that went to state in some poetry contest using Kansas' "Dust in the Wind" before he was busted.
  10. Definitely Boise...2011 Boise grad who worked for the team doing highlight and recruiting videos.
  11. That's a damned shame.
  12. The absolute worst discretion is the theft of Dutch's utterance. That belongs to TCU!

    Thieving [ "illegitimate Baylor boys" ]! :angry:

    There will be revenge...
  13. Wow, that really pisses me off. I bet the guy didn't know the significance of that quote.

  14. Haha. I didn't even watch after the Dutch quote. Too funny. Saw it on the Boise board talking about a video that should fire people up and one commented on how he liked the hell freezing over part.
  15. Anyone else notice that ESPN scheduled a re-run of last year's Boise/Nevada game the other night, but pre-empted it for an old 30 on 30 show on the U of Miami? Looks like Boise is ESPN's darling again this year. Between that and this video theft, I'm looking forward to pantsing them on national TV en route to another BCS bowl game.
  16. I wouldn't say airing a loss makes them a darling. I wouldn't feel TCU was a darling if they aired the Utah loss.

    To be fair, that may have been the most exciting ending to a game in years. Underdog ties, bomb, missed FG, OT, missed FG, underdog wins, all in the span of 4-5 min of playing time. Wow.
  17. Well, after church, I may dip over to the Boise board and inform them of their transgression.

  18. You missed my point. ESPN canceled the rebroadcast of the Boise loss. Canceled it in favor of an old expose of the U of Miami.
  19. Already took care of that.

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