1. Sure it is. Just needs a little adaptation --

    Johann Wilhelm Christoffheimer Schmidt,
    His name is my name, too.
    Whenever we go out
    The people always shout,
    "There goes Johann Wilhelm Christoffheimer Schmidt!"
    a na na na na na na.
    (repeat ad nauseum)
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  2. I thought it was some kind of weird bat....
  3. Here's Harvey the rat dog.
  4. And that's when you moved out of your apartment?
  5. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  6. No I was evicted sometime shortly after because Johann also did not like my flooring. I didn't leave him in the crate one day and when I got home most of my carpet in my living room and linoleum in my bathroom no longer was attached to the flood. I was really, really impressed with that.

    [rant]As far as the rat thing in between the first rat and my flooring being destroyed, I caught 15 rats one weekend with sticky traps. They took the field between the apartments and Wal-Mart and made it a strip mall. I think every single rodent in that field took up residence in my apartment and destroyed my pantry. I think this was over the course of two or three weeks. When my apartment people came because of the rodent infestation, they discovered that my dog had destroyed the flooring problem. One day when reporting the rats and getting more sticky traps from the office I had hypothetically asked the manager if there would a problem with replacing my flooring with laminate flooring and she had told me there was no problem. However, between the rat infestation in my pantry and the destroyed flooring, corporate decided that I was a bad tenant and instructed my complex to not accept my rent the next month. When I went to pay my rent, I was told they were instructed not to accept it so that corporate had grounds to evict me for non-payment of rent. I was subsequently served and then evicted by a Tarrant County JP and moved back on campus. I never got the laminate flooring put down and it is still sitting in my storage room 5 years later. I also was charged with $2,200 in damages to the apartment to replace the flooring. I'm still really curious what the apartments did with my $700 in deposits from moving in and having a pet. I will freely admit that he debt is still on my credit report because I refuse to pay it for the manner in which the maintenance of the apartment was conducted during my stay and the way that I was removed from the apartment.[/rant]

    now back to adorable pets and such...
  7. Mulligan (15 yrs. old)


  8. They treated you badly. I remember those apartments. I had friends who lived there and they were infested with water bugs. I used to live at Marina Club, just down Overton Park Blvd. almost all the way to Bryant Irvin. We had similar problems due to the fields around there.
  9. He's good looking for such an old man! Is that an invisible fence collar or a training collar?
  10. Invisible fence...and it's a she. But she doesn't know she has a masculine name! That photo was taken about four months ago. She's really aged since then, unfortunately.

    Poor thing can't hear her collar any more, and apparently has learned to tolerate the shock, so she just walks out of the yard on occasion.

    She's on a low protein diet...do you have any tips on anything she can eat? I'm giving her 1/4 of her normal portion of Science Diet, and supplementing that with pasta or potatoes. She's really losing muscle mass.
  11. Does she have kidney trouble? If so, the best suggestion I have is to supplement her with Omega 3. Go to Costco and buy the big bottle of Fish Oil from Nature Made. Give her two capsules daily. If she won't eat them, you can puncture the capsule and squirt it on her food. This might also help get her interested in her food if she doesn't have much of an appetite. I'd add more fresh veggies and fruit to her diet, instead of just potatoes. Try baby carrots, green beans, sweet potatoes, apples, but no citrus. All fresh stuff, though, not canned (too much sodium...you really want to avoid sodium and calcium). Also, cranberries would be terrific because of the benefit they provide to the urinary tract and their antioxidant properties. If she doesn't want to eat a large meal, try giving her several smaller meals throughout the day if possible. You also have to make sure she's drinking lots of water. If she's not interested, make it more palatable by adding a little low sodium chicken broth to the water bowl. Put water all around the house so she doesn't have to go far to get it, too.

    You might laugh at this, but acupuncture really helps dogs with kidney trouble. I was so skeptical about doing it with my then-14 year old dog, but once we started, she thrived! I got another couple of good years with her from it. It can be pricey, but well worth it in my estimation. You would need to find a holistic veterinarian to do the acupuncture, but your regular vet could help you locate one. (Interesting fact: a holistic vet has to first be certified as a regular veterinarian before they can be certified for holistic medicine, too. Not so with human acupuncturists. They don't have to hold a medical license.)

    Last thing, this product would be very beneficial in helping her maintain the balance of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that her compromised kidneys are throwing out of whack.
  12. Forgot to add to my very long reply, but when my dog finally went completely deaf I put a very small cow bell on her collar so I could hear her if she ever wandered off. Since she couldn't hear me calling her, I figured at least I'd have a chance to hear her. I found the bell in the fishing department at the hardware store. I guess it must have been made to go on a line to alert you when you got a bite, but I could be totally wrong about that. Anyway, when a dog gets that deaf, you've got to be right on top of them 100% of the time while outdoors.
  13. Thanks so much! That's great advice. Yes, she does have kidney troubles.
  14. if you come out, message me! I am not much for fishing, but you certainly could.
  15. You're very welcome. Hope it helps. I love geriatric dog care. The old ones are so grateful for the extra attention.
  16. Whenever my wife says "What do you think about having kids?" I say "Wanna go to the humane society?". I have an Ark.

    Dogs: Bauer, Fiona, Brock (He's a linebacker)
    Cats: Tiger, Pasha
    Rabbits: Kaylee and Tam, named after the Firefly characters.
  17. do you have pics of them, we would love to see them!
  18. Here's my puppy Sammy, named after Slingin' Sammy Baugh, graduating from obedience class. My husband convinces me to agree to dogs by saying I can name them after TCU football greats. Sammy is a goldendoodle that we rescued on the day TCU played in the Fiesta Bowl.

  19. Here are a few. Can't find a pic of my other rabbit right now.

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  20. Such a proud moment for them both! Do they still practice obedience together? Your doodle is smaller than most. And very cute!

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