1. I kind of expect that a cat hater is the one who developed the catapult......

  2. http://www.buzzfeed.com/animals/animals-who-think-theyre-people-5685

    Some good ones here.
  3. Today is my Velvet's 9th b-day. Here's a picture of her being feted by the 3rd graders she reads with at her party yesterday. They had cookies and she had dried sweet potatoes. Oh, well. At least she gets a chewy stick today.

  4. does velvet stay in the chair the entire time?

    remind velvet tonight about the time she met me, she always likes hearing that story. give her a rub behind the ears and wish her happy bday for me.

  5. 46...chronologically. Why?
  6. I got 455 feet on my second shot.

    Third shot was 25 feet.
  7. No. This is what it usually looks like when the kids read to V. Note the deep canine concentration.

  8. Happy birthday, Velvet!
  9. What kind of cat lover would I be if I didn't react to your ailurophobic website like I did? :dry:
  10. Did anyone watch the Westminster Dog Show? I watched parts including the Best in Show. Seven amazing dogs. I couldn't have picked just one as the winner. I'm not a Doberman person, but "FiFi" was perfect. But the Pekinese won - I had to smile while watching him walk around the ring. Reminded me of a furry footrest rocking side to side. Malachi.
  11. Reminded me of my favorite movie, Best in Show from the Cohens!
  12. Oh, Finance, better come home soon. Peanut is plotting his revenge...
  13. At our house we refuse to consider anything that looks like that to be an actual dog.
  14. Just another day at work.

  15. Molly's working too.

  16. She's certainly workin' that pillow. :)
  17. Yep. Putting in lots of overtime.
  18. Does she have her own body pillow? I used to have a body pillow until the dog decided it was his.

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