1. I want to post pictures of my dogs, but I can't figure out how. They keep winding up on the front page of KF.C.
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  2. if you can copy the pics, just put them in the reply box.... that is what worked for me.
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    Those Goldens are beautiful! I love the blondies.

    My dogs eat grain free "Taste of the Wild" and love it. We supplement with a powder called Platinum Performance and also give them fish oil capsules daily. With breakfast, they get plain, fat-free yogurt to help their intestinal tract, and bananas.

    The thing about making your own pet food is that it's impossible to add all the vitamins and stuff they need for proper nutrition. I think it's better to buy the absolute best dog food you can (human-grade ingredients) and add to it with vegetables, fruits and nutritional supplements.

    Also, with superior dog food, you don't feed as much. We went from feeding my lab 1 3/4 cups twice a day with her old, inferior food, to only feeding 1 cup twice daily with Taste of the Wild. She's still put on a little weight even with the decrease since the TOTW is so nutritionally dense. And, an added benefit of better food is that the dog poops less because their body uses more of the food and doesn't have to expel so much. Cost wise, it works out to be only slightly more than the cruddy food per meal and we've also found that the dogs are healthier and, therefore, we have fewer vet bills. My dog before Velvet lived to be 16 years old!

  4. We tried Taste of the Wild, but the dogs didn't like it.... they really like Blue Wilderness formula which we augment with bananas, and carrots.... and they eat about 3 cups a day.... 1 cup for each meal. Haven't tried the yogurt thing, but I bet they would love that!
  5. I used to have a dog. His name was Johann. I got him in the summer of 2005. I had to give him away in January 2007 when I moved to a new house with a no dogs allowed policy. The night that he went to his new house, he ran away. Animal control tried for 3 weeks to catch him but he kept outsmarting the traps they set for him. Then we stopped seeing him around the neighborhood. However, we heard that about that same time a dog like him showed up in a set of senior apartments in that neighborhood. I'm still kind of curious what happened and drive through that neighborhood to see if he might be running around somewhere.


  6. what a sweetie!

    I love dogs.... they are fur people to me!
  7. Maybe you could try another flavor of Taste of the Wild. Our guys love the Wetlands formula, but there are a few others. Try just one tablespoon of yogurt with your guys. The boarding dogs who stay with us that don't want to eat usuallly come around with some of that on their food.
  8. SFA, that's so sad about Johann. He looks like my Harvey. (If I could post a picture, you would see!)
  9. They have 4 cups of food left, so buying food is on the agenda for tomorrow. I will try that kind.... is it at both Petco and Petsmart?

    Plain vanilla yogurt?
  10. No, not flavored yogurt. Just plain, fat-free. I've never seen TOTW at PetsMart or Petco. You have to get it at the better pet food stores. Of course, I haven't been in one of the big box pet stores in years, so for all I know they have it now. Call to check. Oh, and try to transition them slowly from the old stuff. The abrupt change to the rich food can cause diarrhea.
  11. I will go to McGuckin's.... they usually have the best stuff, and if not, then there is Whole Pets.

    yeah, I know about the diarrhea, these two goldens are also called the gas giants..... (each weigh about 100 lbs)
  12. I just wanted you to know that your views to replies ratio on this thread is a smoking 3.46.

    Very impressive.
  13. This will be the second best thread ever on Killingsworth Court!
  14. I now know why I loved my little Dachshund (literal translation badger dog)! :tongue:

    Quick purpledawg, get Harvey on it!
  15. My dogs seem to have rules.... for instance, my dog really doesn't like it if his brother lays on the sofa with me.... (technically, neither one are supposed to, but when Dave is away, I throw a wool blanket over the sofa, and they can lie on there).... and in exchange for that, Cody lies on the bed with me, and my dog lays in the dog bed. Really weird, but always consistent.
  16. Harvey would have that stupid badger sliced and diced in no time. I took him to a Rat Rally last year where the dog club that was putting it on had a course laid out that went from just getting the dog used to the smell of a rat in a cage all the way to going through underground tunnels to seek out the caged rat at the other end. Who knew you could buy concentrated rat urine to bait the tunnels with? Harvey won a certificate of merit for having a "ratty good time".
  17. I used to have a dog....his name was Bingo.
    and Bingo was his name.
  18. I will never forget the night I was sitting in my apartment in Fort Worth and heard a horrible screaming sound and could hear that Johann was going crazy. When I got up I saw that he had a rat that wasn't a whole lot smaller than him at the time and had just finished killing it. I was very impressed with his skills.
  19. Johann's full name on his papers was Johann Wilhelm Christoff. It's not very singable.

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