1. Let's hear what you have. Post pictures, too!
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  2. My kids have 2 pet mice -- Taz and Lulu.
  3. i got crabs
  4. Wrigley...male, 10 year-old lab mix...
  5. Mr. Nakoa (bout 8 years old) and Ms. Sammi Jo (almost two years old). Sammi Jo at 12 pounds being the dominant of the two.

    Miss Lilly (from xmas 2007, now almost 10 years old)
  6. Why is Lilly an expressed bachelorette while Sammi Jo's marital status is ambiguous?
  7. Named after your favorite team's ballpark?
  8. We actually had Shea and Wrigley, but Shea bit my daughter so we found her a new home in Woodstock, IL...

    Wrigley is my wife's dog...but I am an Astros fan...so have pitty on my soul...
  9. do you have any good recipes to make dog food. My dog loves what we eat.... wild salmon, filet, and stuff like that.... if I don't season the meat, can I give it to the dogs with carrots, and bananas and apples?

    I think dry dog food is pretty lame.... and my golden has issues with grain.... so, we have to get the no grain organics, which isn't cheap.

    Besides, my doggie is my best friend..... and he deserves better than dry food.....

    My doggie's name is Dakota Ridge after the mountain behind our house..... we call him Kota.

  10. Do they live in a little hermit crab environment?
  11. Nakoa looks like he knows who is in charge. Miss Lilly says, "get away from my presents".
  12. edit: repost.... sorry...
  13. This is Dave and Kota, and I am standing in the poison ivy taking the picture....

  14. Kota and his brother, and friend Milo in the middle.....

  15. by the way, sorry for spamming the board with all these pics, I just got excited when I discovered I could copy them from facebook and paste them here.... I can't seem to copy anything in my actual photo file.
  16. Your pics are bringing back great memories of my time in Denver (actually Westminster with work the first two years in Boulder). Just today, I snagged an opportunity to get on a panel for a conference in Denver the first week in May. Just have to see how many days I can stretch that trip (looking like 3 nites but would love to stretch another nite out of it, which would probably motivate me to bring my fly rod).
  17. you got photos?
  18. I think it is the most beautiful area I have ever been....
  19. Sammi Jo can be a real b!tch, which explains the forlorn hangdog look on Nakoa's face. Nakoa pretty much gives Sammi Jo what she wants.

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