Ex- Texas Running Back Arrested

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  1. Could be right on the ownership, but if the weed and the gun are in the same car then the gun becomes a crime. Texas law is not vague on the subject.
  2. Totally worth it, bruh. That weed was on point.
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  3. Thanks dawg, that clears it up.
    Where's djay and gray now, graduated or playing in Europe?
  4. Gray was never a TCU commit.
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  5. I'm pretty sure we were excoriated all over the Internet for our off field incidents.
  6. This Foreman thing is not anything (there's no "here" here). Unless somebody was raped or murdered, and Tom Herman teamed up with Admiral McRaven and the Austin PD to cover it up, yawn.
  7. It's more likely he's thinking of Armanti Foreman (D'Onta's twin) who played a similar position as Daje and absolutely ended up being a better player.
  8. Dumb is dumb. It ALL deserves to be ridiculed. I don't care what uniform they wore.
  9. Agree that stupidity is not limited to anyone school and I also believe regardless who talks to these guys and how many times they here it some are still going to make dumb decisions. Even if the weed isn't his to be sitting in a public area with someone smoking weed is stupid. Not of that however is a reflection on the Texas program just as Boykin's isn't a reflection on the Frogs.
  10. First, Boykin's most recent incident was not a TCU thing anymore than an accounting major picking up a DUI on a Saturday night. The four players who got caught in the big FWPD "drug sting" was a bit of a different thing as way Casey's DUI and time away from the program. Each of those directly reflected on the school and steps were taken. Same with Fields. You can't stop or prevent stupidity, but you can take steps to address stupid behavior which was done in each case.

    Second. who gives a damn. Why does it bother people when other people say mean things on the internet and twitter etc...... ignore the crap and move on.
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  11. Which reminds me. Ballers, Season 3, starts next week.
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  13. Wut? Aren't you the one talking about glass houses?
  14. I think he forgot to log out of one account before replying with another.
  15. Yeah, I need to do a better job of this in every area of my life - not just the Internet!

    Go Frogs!

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