ESPN Insider: Henderson high on TCU, taking it slow

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  1. ESPN Insider: Henderson high on TCU, taking it slow

    By Damon Sayles

    Bryson Henderson (Mansfield, Texas/Summit) went on the record Thursday night to address his interest in TCU. While he's very interested in the Horned Frogs, he's not as interested in making any quick decisions – contrary to popular belief.

    "A lot of people have asked me about it. It's pretty hard to commit right now," said Henderson, a 6-foot-6, 240-pound defensive lineman. "I've got to see where I'm at. Last time I talked to my father about this was junior day [Sunday]. I really haven't talked about it lately.

    "I have a high interest [in TCU], but right now, I'm taking it slow."

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  2. Nice headline writing.
  3. I sure hope we land this kid. He seems like a perfect fit for TCU.
  4. Sounds like he's waiting for a UT offer
  5. ESPN must have re-hired the editor who was fired when he approved/wrote the headline, "No chink in this armor", about Jeremy Lin.
  6. headline guys have been on a roll. "Missouri Loves Company" was genius.
  7. My thoughts too. One thing we need to learn from A&M and UT is how to close the deal on junior days or with these camps. Where is TCU's closer? We need to hire someone from those schools to tell us the ways to get the early commit (and get them to stay a commit).
  8. Yes, because the key to winning football games in November is having a bunch of early commits in March.

    Seriously though, I understand recruiting is important, but Im pretty sure the Ags and Whorns would rather have TCU's win totals the last few years than a bunch of 16 and 17 year olds committed to signing a piece of paper for them 11 months from now.
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