ESPN Hemorrhaging

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  1. As fun as it seems to watch ESPN seemingly lose money hand over fist, I can guarantee you that it doesn't help TCU in any way whatsoever. If you're a fan of TCU football, I don't get the cheerleading over this.
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  2. Not sure how my post was cheerleading, but it's happening, whether anybody cheerleads or not.
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  3. OK, but you have to admit the tone of it suggests a certain amount of happiness. As if it's news that's good to hear.
  4. As with other business ventures, the slack would be picked by not only the new organization that eventually would take ESPN, but also Fox Sports, CBS Sports Network and others

    So pop a cork and party.

    P.s. the CFP still sux
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  5. I'm giddy and I don't care how it affects TCU or Ohio State or anyone else. The market will take care of the stakeholders if there continues to be demand. Great opportunity for innovators and entrepreneurs. Thrilled to see a business fail that completely and purposefully forgot its core competency, persisted in poor quality programming, and decided to stake its position in political advocacy.
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  6. The tone suggests a certain amount of happiness?

    I'd love for you to actually try and demonstrate that.
  7. Maybe those aren't the right words, but I think it's clear from reading this thread and nobody is very disappointed that ESPN is losing their ass, even though the effect of that on TCU will most likely be negative.
  8. I think people would be a lot more supportive of ESPN if they'd get back to their original planning and cut all the cutting edge political crap.
  9. It’s official, Wexahu is ESPN.
  10. In terms of potential money, it's no longer limited to just the sports networks like ESPN/FOX/CBS.

    Look at the tech/social media companies. They're getting involved in streaming sports the same way they're looking to get into TV shows and movies...

    Facebook looking for executive to broker billions of dollars in sports-rights deals

    Amazon Scores ‘Thursday Night Football’ Streaming Deal

    What Fans Can Expect from Facebook's Live Stream of 47 College Basketball Games This Season

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  11. Liked for most resourced post in KF.c history.
  12. [​IMG]
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    Disney wants Fox's regional sports networks to boost ESPN


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