ESPN College Football Live's Preseason Top 25

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  1. [background=transparent]
    College Football Live's 2012 preseason top 25:[/background]
    1. USC
    2. LSU
    3. Alabama
    4. Oregon
    5. Oklahoma
    6. Georgia
    7. Florida St.
    8. South Carolina
    9. Arkansas
    10. Michigan
    11. West Virginia
    12. Michigan State
    13. Kansas State
    14. TCU
    15. Stanford
    16. Wisconsin
    17. Nebraska
    18. Clemson
    19. Virginia Tech
    20. Ohio State [​IMG]
    21. Oklahoma State
    22. Texas
    23. Boise State
    24. Notre Dame
    25. Florida[/background]
  2. I'm Ok with 14.

    And being the top ranked non AQ is pretty....oh, wait.......
  3. Hey look FSU in their obligatory top 10 spot.
  4. South Carolina?
    Va Tech?
  5. 5 of top 10 are SEC... Wow. I mean, it's a good conference and all, but give me a break.
  6. SoCar finished #8/9 last year, VT 17/21.
  7. The SEC self-fulfilling prophecy...gotta love it.

    I'm incredibly fine with 14. Striking distance if we win the games that we should and pull out a couple of toss-ups.
  8. WVU's Orange Bowl thumping of Clemson continues to cast a long shadow.
  9. 6 from Big 12-2 in top 25. Not bad. Where is Tech, Baylor, ISU, and KU?
  10. I guess they missed what went down at Arkie recently...
  11. IMHO, Baylor could surprise a lot of people this year. That backup QB looked really good against tceh. (Yeah, I know... It was tceh...)

    I just hope they don't surprise us.
  12. I hope we actually do start around 13 or 14. It's a great spot to be in.
  13. Or who.
  14. Yep. I can understand 6 SEC teams in the top 25, but declaring every SEC team with a pulse as a top 10 team is pretty dumb.
  15. Has Arkie actually lost anyone from the roster because of who and what went down?

    Maybe a 2013 commit or 2, shying away while the [Craig James] storm was blowing. But maybe coming back to the charm of John L. Smith, who knows. And of course those guys will be playing hi school or juco ball in 2012.

    I guess they did lose something-- John L. is a goofus as a game day coach compared to Pitrino.
  16. 5 SEC teams in the Top 10. What a joke.
  17. Arkansas at #9 is a joke. 20th is more realistic
  18. I think the "SEC self-fulfilling prophecy" is a great way to put it. We need to start one about the Big 12.

    Big 12 teams only lose to each other because the Big 12 is the toughest conference in america.
  19. Which don't belong?
  20. Arkansas without a head coach. replacement one sucks

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