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  1. CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A proposal that would allow players to appear in up to four games without losing their redshirt status received "unanimous support at all levels" during this week's American Football Coaches Association convention, director Todd Berry said Wednesday.

    "Current rules say that, barring medical reasons, any game appearance during the season would cost a player a year of eligibility."

    Several leagues, including the ACC, have put forward proposals after the idea received widespread support from coaches last year, and Berry said the prospects for NCAA passage of the rule could happen as soon as April.

  2. I approve.
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  3. Win/Win imo. Get to test the waters to see if a kid is ready or can get there, more stability in programs due to greater experience and less turnover. Might have a kid who clicks after some game reps that a coach might have kept out otherwise because they weren't sure if they were ready. Or the kid could add some depth for an injured player until the injured player returns.

    Overall better product on the field.
  4. I think there could be some nice benefits to this late in the season too. Plenty of kids may not be ready at the start of the season, but by week 9 they've picked up a lot more and can contribute. With this they won't have to be held out to preserve a redshirt if they can contribute.
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  5. It would have been nice to have Omar at the end of the season if the rumors are true.

    Of course, other teams had players they would have liked to use, too.
  6. Great idea, rotate three players at a position, four games each. And none use up any eligibility.
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  7. Has anybody checked on how many games Mayfield played for Tech as a freshman?
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