Easy fix to the CFP committee

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  1. That’s not a bad idea. A few problems with that though.

    1) We would likely have ZERO meaningful out of conference games. They won’t help or hurt you as far as winning your conference but why risk getting beat up for nothing gained.

    2) Notre Dame and UCF can’t get in period. They are not in a P5.

    With 3 at large teams, it gives those schools a chance to get in plus gives the P5 schools a reason to play a tough out of conference game. You may not win your conference but you just lost one game and beat a top 5 school that’s in another P5 conference.

    I hate committees but I can live with them deciding 6, 7 and 8.
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  2. And to explain for the millionth time, this means OOC means nothing. Might as well cancel the September season because no coach would risk injuring their best players on games that have no consequences, so the games would suck, no matter who was playing in them. This is simply not an option unless you want to ruin 25% of the season.
  3. With an 8 team playoff, P5 conference champs plus 3 at large teams we would probably need one rule. No more then 2 teams from one conference. These clowns would probably try to put 3 or 4 SEC teams in it.
  4. Exactly the committee just told the college football world to never schedule a tough OOC game or you get screwed like OSU this year by playing OU. Having the fewest loses is all that mattered this year anyway until they change the rules again. If Bama can't win the SEC, beat Auburn why should they play for the National Championship this year? Hell Auburn is more deserving, USC, OSU, etc. Having no losses or one loss is all that matters dial up the Baylor Schedule. Don't dare try to win your conference championship either better to have one less loss than go to title game and lose woops I mean win like OSU? [ What the heck? ]
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  5. And for the millionth time OOC games would be scheduled to make money so UT would play A&M, WV would play MD and Pitt, Kansas would play MO and Ill, because that's what the fans want and those games would make more money. The September season is already a crapfest of bodybag games and warmup/tuneup games that have no consequences at all unless Mercer somehow beats Alabama. Just this year we played Jackson State. Wouldn't our OOC schedule been more compelling with SMU, Ark and say a Stanford or Nebraska or another team that would generate some interest? I hate September as it is now.
  6. Fans wouldn't give a crap about those games because they wouldn't mean anything. Coaches wouldn't even play their best players. Ever seen an NFL preseason game lately? Even if it's Dallas-Pittsburgh or Dallas-Green Bay, nobody cares. It wouldn't be much different than that.

    Our OOC wouldn't be compelling at all if the outcomes didn't matter, no matter who we played, because GP would sit all his better players. Why risk injury in games that don't count? I'd MUCH rather keep everyone fresh for when conference season starts.
  7. It would be much better than now. We don't need to be playing Jackson State. Those teams will just have to raise money another way. I have no problem with having 11 games either to accomplish 8 team format. I would pay an extra 50 bucks for season tickets to do so. It has to be fixed.
  8. Just mention the word committee
    and Wexa
    he appears out of nowhere
  9. I agree, we don't need to be playing Jackson State. But if none of the games mean anything, we'll have essentially three Jackson State-caliber games. If Urban Meyer or Gary Patterson are trying to get to the playoffs, they aren't going to have key players out there next September in Jerryworld risking injury on a game that has ZERO consequences toward reaching that goal.
  10. It has consequences...if you don't win the games your supposed to...and by big margins. They will still play key players until the game is comfortably in hand. But P5 schools should only play P5 schedules so everyone is under the same format. No more Jackson State or Mercer..Furham..etc.
  11. P5's are only able to schedule other P5 opponents.... No more Jackson States for any P5's!!!!
  12. Baylor will be getting a lot of phone calls
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  13. Interesting. Espn could get some big ratings on this and I could make popcorn during the session. Wait! it won't work because of the underhanded conversations regarding money won't fly.
  14. This entire thread:

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