Driving from Dallas to Weslaco (deep south Texas)

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  1. I am picking up my new car in Dallas this weekend. 2012 Honda Crosstour. I was told by my mechanic (Steve from Dealers Alternative, which by the way is a great place to take your Honda or Acura) and the Honda Dealer, not to tax the car during the first 600 miles or so. Well, I need to be back in Weslaco Wednesday night.

    I decided to take the backroads all the way down. Does anyone have a suggestion for the drive from Dallas/Fort Worth to the San Antonio/Corpus Area. Places to stop to see, eat, etc... Or has anyone done a similar type drive and have suggestions for me on a route?
  2. Head west thru Fort Worth, then head down US-281 to San Antonio.

    It's the "back way" through some great Hill Country towns. You'll see all kinds of places you'll want to stop at along the way.

    Think you can stay on 281 beyond San Antonio...but I can't vouch for the route.

    In San Antonio, eat where the locals eat: EZ's (burgers and pizza); Mama's Cafe (homestyle grub); or Alamo Cafe (Tex-Mex). All three are at/near 281 and Blanco Rd on the north side of SA.

    BTW, saw two Crosstours in my neighborhood (both red). Nice looking vehicle.
  3. Yes they are. Of course my dumb butt had to get one right when gas prices skyrocket.
  4. 71 is correct on the route. Eat at the Firehouse BBQ in Lampasas. But by all means do take 281. It will save you a little time and is a nice drive. Don't forget the Hornady Critical Defense rounds in your handgun.
  5. handgun...I wish I had a handgun.
  6. One more thing.

    Be careful with the rear view blind spots in your new vehicle. One of the new Crosstour-owning neighbors has already sideswiped someone.

    Brand new car...now with battle scars across the rear quarter panel on the pax side.
  7. Yeah, I just purchased two different little blind spot mirrors.

    Thanks for the suggestion. I will be taking 281 and staying in Blanco Tues night. Looking forward to the drive.
  8. Highly concur. Back when I was living in Austin and driving to Fort Worth every other weekend to visit the future Mrs. Duq, I loved that drive.

    Explored Llano, Marble Falls, Blanco and Fredricksburg this past summer ... all good stops.
  9. Too bad the bluebonnets aren't in bloom. You could stop and take a picture of yourself naked in them wearing your helmet.
  10. When is your birthday...
  11. Will it be framed? My wife won't let me hang it if the frame isn't tasteful.
  12. I shall frame it this way your wife can hang it and pass it and count her lucky stars she has you for a husband each time she sees it.
  13. No time like the present, man

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