Donor Parking Renewal Packets

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  1. General Admission lots $200--$500
    Reserved lots $750--$2,500

    Lots are renamed, names include LT east, LT west, Sam Baugh, Jim Swink, Bob Lily

    Deadline is March 30

    Information on Frog Club Website:
    2012 Parking Map:
  2. So after March 30 the lots are opened up to lesser forms of life?
  3. Doubtful. It will take them a while to assign everyone and try to accommodate relocation requests. Like season tickets, I'm sure there will then be an order for who gets next shot at open spots---probably something like (1) members of Frog Club without season parking; (2) current season ticket holders without FC membership or season parking; (3) new season ticket holders; (4) anyone else.

    I would guess it will take a month or so to assign the renewals to spots.
  4. Steel - Per the Policy Manual, I would call the Frog Club ASAP and get put on the waiting list for available spots that become available, as the wait list is first come, first served.

    2012 Parking Policy Manual
  5. Arighty then
  6. UBC no longer a donor lot. Gotta call them direct. Hmmmmm....
  7. At this time, UBC does not know what they will do. In other words, no decision and won't know until the 20Th or so of March. I suppose if they do offer parking, it will be comparable to FC parking.

    Parking has become a problem due to increased attendance.
  8. I didn't park much in Lot 13, and it was a nice, pretty sparsely populated lot, but I have a feeling it will be packed this fall. I am thinking of upgrading, if possible, to $500 lot across from the Rickel.
  9. Thinking about it to jugband.

  10. Lot 13 was sparse because Burleson's closer. It's a 3 beer walk into the game from out there, Jug
  11. Do your seat "contributions" count towards parking???
  12. definitely not
  13. What about the church lot?
  14. I just checked with the FC about being on the waitlist. Figured I'd share...

  15. I had my parking out there, but rarely parked out there as I was drinking at The Pub and hanging out at Fuzzy's pre/post game. I hardly used the parking. When I did though, the walk was actually rather nice, and it was easy to get out.
  16. Just curious, how do these prices compare with prior years? I'm assuming an increase but is it like a 100% increase or....?
  17. So what happened to the old Lot 1 around the stadium and all the patios? Will that area ever be back?
    What are they doing with all those people who had the patios? Didn't they pay upfront for those for a long term deal?

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