Dale Hanson tonight on Ch 8 is doing his "unplugged" segment

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  1. He has promised that the folks in Fort Worth are not going to like it one bit. He is bringing the hate.
  2. A muckraker stirring up garbage.. surprise surprise

  3. About 15 years ago Dale stopped being a really good opinionated broadcaster and became a self-caricature. He's not happy anymore unless he's saying something outrageous/contrarian/inflammatory. Basically, he's what TV newscasts have become. So, when he says he's going to say something somebody won't like, that's like saying the sky is blue.
  4. Either

    don't watch at all


    tell* his advertisers what you think about specific Hansen comments.

    Tends to be somewhat effective in Austin, although Austin is a much smaller market than DFW of course.

    *by private correspondence, not by public comment. Public comment is counterproductive in that it generates the buzz hansen is looking for.
  5. Nobody cares what that old drunk has to say.
  6. I've had hate in my heart for him since 2003 when he ranked TCU 9th in the metroplex with the high school teams.
  7. Remember when he did the New Year's Eve telecast drunk? That was the highlight of his career.
  8. Is there a time he's not drunk? I've known several people who've worked for Channel 8, and the story from each of them is that he's loathed by virtually everyone there.
  9. I've literally never heard of this person. I've lived in the metroplex for five years.

    To paraphrase Mike Gundy:

    "That's why I don't watch the local TV news. Because it's garbage."
  10. I'm sure Dale is close enough to the situation and facts to opine here.

    Seriously, has he ever let that stand in his way? I used to like the guy, but he is now fully engrossed in himself. Time to "unplug" his mic.
  11. I havent wasted my time watching him in years. However, back in the 90's when that t-shirt with a suit look was so popular, he wore that get up every day. He looked so sloppy and unprofessional especially when the news and weather people were wearing coats and ties.

    One day I had my fill of it and went to Target and bought him a white dress shirt. I sent it to him with a note say something like " it was a shame those [ "illegitimate Baylor boys" ] at WFAA weren't paying him enough to afford a decent shirt, so please accept this and don't worry about paying me back. It would be good to see him dressed as well as Troy Dungan and not look like a stevedore wearing a jacket."

    His thank you note must have gotten lost in the mail
  12. "Thank God for (other peoples's) kids...God knows I've alienated my own"
  13. Maybe time for an internet bomb?
  14. Nothing says I Love You and care how you look like a shirt from Target.
  15. A drunk condeming someone with a drinking problem and how to handle it. This would be like Bill Clinton telling womanizers off.
  16. Haha
  17. Well I wasn't going to waste too much money on him. A nice $19.99 shirt was just right for that clown
  18. There is no level Dale won't stoop to in the name of self promotion. I'm sure he got this idea from Kevin Sherrington's piece in the DMN. Look for a rehash.
  19. Only thing needs unplugging is his hair....

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