Coverage of Drug Bust Reveals Healthy Skepticism

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  1. Dr. Alan Bean is a very articulate former Methodist minister. He is the founder and executive director of Friends for Justice, a nonprofit that works to uphold due process for all Americans.

    He has some interesting thoughts regarding the TCU case, including,

    "Kids who make dumb decisions should forfeit their right to play football. But we don’t need to criminalize their behavior. These kids aren’t drug dealers in any meaningful sense."

    "Ask any college student about the ubiquity of pot use on campus and you will hear the same story. The stuff is everywhere. Demand creates supply. If enough people want a product, legal or illegal, somebody is going to supply it. If college students are smoking pot, chances are they are buying it from other students."

    Very interesting, and I believe accurate, read.
  2. well there you have it, in fw and around tcu it is ok to sale pot, as long as its not a whole lot!
  3. More like the tiny amount being sold shouldn't justify the press conference and all of the attention that the FWPD and TCU police wanted to give it.
  4. I see both sides. the 17 or 18 (if proven guilty) committed an illegal act. Period. Gone.

    At the same time, there has to be something to the "partying getting out of control" rumors. That needs to be cleaned up as well - link to the recent suicides? who knows.

    However, this is a national problem, not just TCU. The media has run with this as the FWPD (and TCU PD) have fed them this Miami Vice-like story. As a taxpayer, I would hope that they are spending similar resources just down the street where they could probably find that much pot & drug money in a single afternoon vs. the 6 month investigation at TCU.

    As for football, just like in 2004 where we had to clean some house, we have to do the same here. It's illegal, our name has been tarnished & you threw your fellow team-mates under the bus. Sorry - gotta go. Can't be tolerated.
  5. Gimme a break - it's COLLEGE!!
  6. Good post.

  7. Agree 1000%. I fully support Administration's efforts to cean up the drug issue.No probem there.The Press Conference and grandiose statements by PD's is what's most troubling to me.Wjy was it necessary to make such a national scene over a small amount of drugs?I just don't get it?

    Hind sight is always 20/20 of course,but this could have been handled in such a cleaner manner IMO.
  8. Well...If it's college or all-caps "COLLEGE", then I suppose criminal law and law enforcement should be marginalized. One of the reasons that I didn't vote in RD's poll was because I had (and still have) real conflicting feelings about the "presser" and relatively high volume and visibility afforded this situation by the administration. Less may have been reported as cover-up, willful ignorance, or general laziness while more can be viewed as overkill and grandstanding. I see it both ways and I wonder if there was a some middle option that should have been tried. But as a former higher ed administrator, I do not see the value in giving credence on the concept that "college" excuses behavior or consequences.
  9. My guess is you are not the parent of a 17 year old daughter who you are about to send half way across the country to a private school costing $40,000 a year only to hear about a drug sting involving 15 student sellers and alleged pervasive use.
  10. "That's it! You're staying home and going to Arizona State!"
  11. Do you trust your daughter? Simple question. She will encounter the same temptations at 99.9% of college campuses across the country.
  12. Note the quoted language in my post. Everyone needs to relax - TCU (like every other college in America) has had copious amounts of drugs and alcohol on campus for years. NothIng new here!!
  13. Roddog ... do you believe there is one Lubbock cop that has the Gonadal Hormones to
    go undercover on Raider football. Hell, no...the Chief knows better, If he likes his job.

    It would have been 17 students in handcuffs and 4 jocks sent to the athletic department to be suspended for one OOC game, against Tarleton State, for breaking team rules... if this scenario were in Lubbock.

    Cheers !
  14. True but Boschini and Patterson had an agreement with TCUPD that names and photos were not to be mentioned in the news conference and the remarks by the TCUPD was over the top and a shock to B.& GP. Bottom line - McGee has to go muy pronto. Mcgee wanted to make an example of TCU, now we need to make an example of him and be sure we get news coverage - press conference by B. & GP to announce it.
  15. Even your idiocy would have to realize that if the Tech and Lbk police ever conducted a sweep of Tech, far more than 17 people and 4 players would be arrested. Given the decrepit state of Tech's athletic programs I know you're glad to hang your hat on this but seriously, there is way more drugs running around Tech than there ever will be at TCU.
  16. No, it is not ok to sale pot. You do not put it on sale, you charge full price.
  17. Underage drinking, no matter the amount is illegal too. Way more rampant on any college campus than even weed. So you're saying since something is illegal, it should ruin a kids life? A kid that drinks a beer at 19 is a common street thug that should be kicked off the football team, out of school and their life trashed huh? Please get back to Lubbock and stay there.
  18. Maybe he meant sail pot. Sailing pot is not a good idea either. With a dolt like roddog, you never know what he was aiming at. I don't think he knows most times either.
  19. No, as a matter of fact you're correct - it's a horrible idea, trust me.

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