Chris Peterson to Arkansas - Rumor

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  1. Twitter blowing up about the Boise coach accepting the Arkie job. Count me among those surprised he wouldn't stay out west like at Cal.
  2. Boise has lost some cachet this year with its struggles. The uncertain conference situation certainly doesn't help and the Waltons and Jerrah can certainly afford to relocate any medical specialists Petersen's kids need. Still, it doesn't sound likely.
  3. Has anyone confirmed this?
  4. Hmm...that would be an interesting pick for Arky. More interesting was the poster who said Peterson would be UT's next coach. Now that would be something.
  5. I sure hope he doesn't go to either of those places (Arky or t.u.). He seems too nice of a guy for those hell holes.
  6. That would be a bad thing for the B12. He's a great coach.
  7. Arkansas would make the most sense... smaller backwoods school, to larger backwoods school and double the income in the premiere conference in NCAA.

    Cheers !
  8. Nice job using the word of the day. :tongue:
  9. A+ hire for them if so. Good for Peterson too, Boise is nice but he deserves more as a coach. It'll be awesome to see what he can do with some top-flight recruits. I feel like he's done all he can out at BSU.

    Even better is that he didn't get a job in Austin or Lubbock.

    If UT could somehow get Chris Peterson to be their head coach, I have no doubts that they'd win 10+ per year as long as he is there.
  10. I couldn't resist.
  11. :laugh:
  12. Whats the BST board? They would maybe know if this one had some legs or just more smoke.
  13. Didnt see this thread when I started another. Sorry

    Ryan Wright

    Editor and lead writer for all things Arkansas Razorbacks on I hope you enjoy reading my work; it's the truth disguised as an opinion. WPS!
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    3h[​IMG]Ryan Wright ‏@HogManInLa
    If Petersen info true, this would match the offensive minded coach info I was given previously. Will see.​

    [​IMG]Ryan Wright ‏@HogManInLa
    Just told Arkansas recruits have been told Chris Petersen (BSU) will be next #Razorback head coach. #WPS
  14. This wouldn't be the first time that Arkansas fans/reporters have jumped the gun before anything is confirmed. Remember a week ago some Arky reporter tweeting something along the lines of "everything I'm hearing is that Gary Patterson will be the next coach of Arkansas".

    That being said, if true that is a slam dunk hire for them. He's a great coach and classy guy. I would actually worry a little about recruiting against him. Boise always tried to recruit out of DFW, and he will likely do so even more if he is indeed their next coach.
  15. Tennessee is a better job than Arkansas IMO and I bet TN would pay him more. I thought Petersen had a kid with a rare disease that could only be treated at a certain few medical centers. Really doubt Arky has one of them.

    I'm skeptical.
  16. When you hire a new coach the recruits are always told first....
  17. Maybe the guy two weeks ago just mixed up Patterson and Petersen like everyone else does...
  18. Patterson nor Petersen are going anywhere. The hoggies getting ahead of themselves again.
  19. +1

    UT (Tennessee) has one of the best medical centers in the country.
  20. Bizarre if true. Petersen has turned down better jobs than Arkansas. He has a great gig at Boise, I'm skeptical that he'd leave it for the likes of Arkansas.

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