CBS' Tim Brando on moving the TCU-Utah game

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  1. Tim Brando of CBS was on the Paul Finebaum show (about 5 min in) saying he couldn't understand why the mountain west refused to move the tcu-utah game to primetime, he insinuated that cbs college asked them to and the mwc refused....could that be right, if so that makes no sense at all, why would they want that game up against bama/lsu when the 2 best night games are a&m/ou and ark/
  2. It is good for TCU that they didn't. A day game takes a lot of the energy out of RES.
  3. I was just about to start a new topic and post this info I just saw on Twitter....


    So, I dont know how much stock to put into this or how connected this "Utah Sports Critic" is, his website isnt even up yet, but this was just posted on Twitter not to long ago...

  4. I was talking with a buddy yesterday about this very same thing. My reasoning is that the Mountain West puts the schedule out with times listed. If they did most games with a time of TBA, then they would be in a better position to move them. If they moved a game the week before/of, that might upset people who made other arrangements. I am not saying that is the reason they didn't change it, but it does put the conference in a bind announcing the times.

    But, like Atlanta, there will be much less energy at RES.
  5. I highly doubt the MWC turned down an offer from the big CBS to showcase TCU / Utah in primetime.
  6. +1
  7. agreed that is why i was surprised by Brando's response....i would even take a primetime game on cbs college...although i get the point about playing utah at night....
  8. That's not what the original poster said. He said move to primetime, but still on CBSC.
  9. They couldn't move to the primetime slot on CBS College without an agreement from Memphis & Tennessee whom are playing at that time. OTOH, they would never pass up a move to primetime on CBS nationally.

  10. Could have something to do with the free preview of CBS-CS this weekend I would guess. What better way to market your network than to have the best game in the nation coupled with a free day of coverage? I would guess they will send their A team to cover it and overdo the coverage to inflate the experience for new customers. Just a thought....
  11. Real football fans will be watching the TCU game, I hope.
  12. Correct, CBS network never suggested since that's where Bama / LSU will be played. He just thought it would get a better audience at night. Personally, I'd rather it stay a day game.
  13. It was probably prime time on Tuesday.
  14. CBS has moved the LSU vs Alabama game to 7 pm.

    Hopefully, this means that the TCU vs Utah will be moved to the SEC 2:30 spot on CBS.
  15. This...I was referring to the tweets from the Utah guy re: moving the game to adult table CBS.
  16. LSU's official twitter page says that is a mistake, their game is still at 230pm!/lsufball
  17. where do you see that?
  18. Who cares? Day game is better for us.
  19. CBS website shows game will be at 3:30 - 7:00 Eastern time.
  20. i heard the SLC soccer team is playing that night at that stadium

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