Can We Please Stop With The Conspiracy Theories

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  1. Just like every college in America - it's reefer mania!!!

  2. LOL. Exactly. There is no more problem here than any other place. The only difference than here and any other place is that ours included football players selling. I am sure that happens a lot of places as well, but ours got busted.
  3. Right. Just like when you saw consiracy theory headlines, you didn't have to click on those.

    What kind of d-bag starts a new thread to tell others to stop starting new threads about stuff you don't want read about?!?
  4. You are right I am a huge d-bag. I try, but I can't help it. BTW, I didn't call you a doosh for driving fruity cars. What gives? But since we are throwing out the doosh term, didn't you or don't you drive a yellow convertible. I don't think you have any cause for throwing around the doosh term.


    BTW, I admitted I should have chose a better subject line. Not so much can we please stop the conspiracy theories as can we stop sticking up for the kids who were obviously dealing. Who said I ever clicked on any of the threads created by Goo. Sometimes in some of the threads where the whole thing is being discussed you will see one of these posts acting like the kids did nothing wrong. You can't helpt but read them since they weren't what the original thread was about. If that makes sense....
  5. "Criminal masterminds" :tongue:

    More like the Lavender
    Hill Mob! :unsure:
  6. I'm sorry--I haven't seen the posts where people said the kids didn't do anything wrong. Nor have I seen posts that say they shouldn't be punished. I certainly don't believe that. What I DO believe is that we (TCU) have made this a much bigger deal than it was--not relative to what the kids did, but relative to the publicity and chest-thumping we, as a university, did, in relation to the seriousness of the charges.
  7. Just talking in general I have seen a lot of "I can't believe they spent 6 months investigating this when only X amount of weed was sold etc. etc.". I mean regardless of amount, they were still dealing. Then you have Goo...
  8. Driving a yellow corvette makes me a doosh bag?!? If that's what you think; then you sir are the doosh bag. you can't judge a man by what he drives. Ever. You don't know his reasons.
  9. Well we have already established I am a doosh.... No arguments there. Maybe we can take it to the doosh thread and get a ruling from purplepain.
  10. You may or may not be a doosh. I don't know.

    But I couldn't help notice the irony of you telling another poster that if you didn't like the thread title don't open it; in a thread you started to complain about other threads
  11. Back on Topic

    This whole thing appeared to be little more than, unless new info shows up, about several students(for the most part) buying a $30 1/2 gallon bottle of Vodka .... then pouring it into 4(left over) pint bottles and selling 3 of those bottles, at $10ea to their frat brothers at a frat party/woodsie and then drinking for free themselves.

    Unfortunately, Booze is legal and Weed isn't. Though prefer most people's behavior when they are stoned, than drunk. Plus, Booze seems to lead to much more violent behavior per capita on this planet than Weed does.....

    Cheers !
  12. its the offseason. what did you expect.
  13. LA Times gave this whole story 3 small paragraphs, bottom of page 6 or 8 on day one and no more since.

    Cheers !
  14. Unless any of those $10 frat bros are under age.
  15. I agree with you mistle. I would rather be around someone that just smoked than drunk. No question.
  16. TO be a doosh, or not be a doosh!
  17. FWIW, I've had this conversation with my GF many times. I maintain that men with dark black or dark red skin can make a yellow sports car work without being a doosh, especially if they are foreign. She, in consultation with all other women that she knows, disagrees: They consider it the sign of the doosh.
  18. Driving a vette doesn't make a you a doosh bag, but a yellow one ... :rolleyes:
  19. Please do us all a favor and quit posting for a couple of weeks.

    Continuing to rub salt in our wounds is a poor reflection on your character, and contributes nothing to this forum.

    Your joy in our misery has been duly noted...numerous times. You've crossed the line into obsession now, and it's pathetic.
  20. We have different views on this.

    Heck, the guy on ESPN radio was shocked that 5 out if 120 players smoked pot.

    I remain firm on my position that this isn't a big deal and police made headline grab out of nothing.

    Only 5 players smoked pot, not the sensation "82" that police and media used as fact
    Police claimed "these were all known drug users" when none had criminal record
    Police accused Austin Carpenter, which was totally fabricated
    In 6 month sting campus police never informed school, their boss
    In 6 month stung, less than one pound of marijuana was found
    In 6 month sting, largest deal was $200
    We all know you could go to any college campus and find somebody selling $20 bags of weed.
    TCU police posted yearbook pictures of suspects to media
    TCU still the only team in Top 25 with no players with criminal records
    GP was the definition of proactive on this!
    Police work was laughable and this never should have been presented to media the way UT was. As DMN states, TCU has the fewest drug arrests of any major college in Texas but due to campus police sensational claims of 82 football players and major narcotics ring... They have given our school the Drug King label

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