Cam Newton bribe recording

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  1. Just called and got details. Bill in Destin, Florida is MissSt donor and has phone recording of Cam Newtons dad saying Auburn agreed to pay $200k but he would go to Miss for only $180. Very detailed conversation about method of payment and 3 installments of $60, first before signing and second on signing. Said he gave tape to NCAA last week after story started breaking. Already had death threats from Auburn fans.

    It will be interesting to see how/if this develops. The SEC is pretty good about hiding this kind of stuff q

  2. Thats crazy good news if true. I'm sure there is no link to it because this would be alll over ESPN and the world of sports in general if there was. But who did you call to get that information?
  3. But hey, we can trust Cam and his dad to be honest, can't we??????

    Wow, this one might actually stick.
  4. Is this serious???
  5. If Cam suspended would drop Auburn in polls and obviously great for Frogs. Wherevthere is smoke there is fire.
  6. If true, then he's gone...however, we don't want this to happen. If Auburn loses him for any reason, the SEC excuse machine will get cranked up. We want them, with him, in Glendale.
  7. He should have released it on youtube. Leaving it in the control of the NCAA means that no one will ever hear it, as their job is to sweep anything negative under the rug.

    We may never know.

  8. The question that needs to be asked is where is the smoke coming from? Until I hear otherwise I'm going to assume it's coming right out of your butt.

  9. It definitely would be ideal to put a stopming on a team before scandal gets completely exposed. If Newton is out however this kind of scandal would make a great counter point to the SEC whine mill.

  10. Is that what I think it is?

  11. Have you heard said clip?
  12. I don't see how this story doesn't come out. The fact that I heard about means it is pretty public and is now on internet. I can see donor being nervous about having taped conversation and going to NCAA, rather than posting on YouTube

    Goo would probably hold a press conference in hot tub
  13. No I haven't heard. My source is solid but didnt have any proof.
  14. Wow. If accurate:

    Teflon spray the fan comes a big load of poop! If When this hits ESPN and all the other Dogs & Cats, there will be plenty of crazy stuff going on...

    ...Now that's entertainment! :tongue:

    I feel sorry for no one involved - the player (if true), is over 18 and should not be excused for his actions. The so-called adults, they need a good hanging judge to administer to them. Where is our old Judge Roy Bean? :mellow:
  15. Heard is dad is preacher too

  16. kazoo
  17. No mention of a recording but this story is all over the blogsphere ...a recording would help prove it.

  18. Unnamed source with no proof. Sounds like case closed to me. :wacko:
  19. If I got this excited over nothing, I'm going to be really peeved.
  20. Also let's think logically here. Why would anyone in their right mind go to Miss St for 20K LESS than attending Auburn??? It seems like it would be the other way around.

    one of the top programs in the SEC vs. a bottom feeder.......

    This is bogus

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