BSU Audio Ripoff Situation Solved....

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by tcumaniac, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. I weep for the future.

    P.S. You should have asked him to supply the link to the youtube vid he "copied" from.
  2. he straight up blocked me... can't message him anymore or even find him
  3. Pretty good sleuthing work. The audio sounds like a straight copy btw.
  4. I don't see where anything is "solved." Where did he acknowledge that he ripped off a TCU production? And where's the link to that NE Patriots video he says he based the BSU video on?
  5. Total coincidence that his work used the audio tracks from our 2009 AND 2010 videos, and nothing else. And it makes perfect sense that after dropping the vocal track an octave from the Patriots version, his version would match ours perfectly, since the Patriots certainly would have raised the voice an octave for theirs. I don't see a problem here at all.
  6. Kinda speaks to the quality of a BSU education if he thinks lowering the voice an octave does [Craig James] about copyright.
  7. Damn fine work ya did there, Maniac.

    I was cringing reading it...I could see the setup coming a mile away.

    Almost feel bad for the guy...almost. You totally exposed him.
  8. Wow, he ripped off TCU and Concussion completely.
  9. Where are the clowns on here who like Boise and root for them, etc.? I am so tired of Boise. Can't wait to leave them behind.

  10. [​IMG]
  11. I tried to bring up the video without success so it may have worked. :rolleyes:

    Hope I got the address right!

    Now how could you embarrass someone from BSU. :tongue:
  12. I don't think your link is correct. I watched it about an hour ago.
  13. Basically, his explanation is "everybody does it!"

    What a [Cowherd].

  14. I fixed it. Sorry I don't get out on the net lately. :blush:

    Comparing our video with theirs I would give their video a D -. It just doesn't work! So remember boys and girls it doesn't pay to use someone else's idea! Total Fail in this case. :tongue:
  15. OMG! LOL! Awesome! I cant believe that! That's freaking hilarious! Dude! Everyone steals! LOL! Hilarious!
  16. Yes, good work. I hope someone on the other end, with a little power, will smack him around.
  17. Sweet post bro dude! It's so ironic that it's hilarious! lol!!!! Hilarious! lol! Ironic! lol!!!!
  18. Has anyone pointed this video out to concussion.

    I wonder if John Galt likes his voice over being stolen by Boise?
  19. The second part of the video, from the 2010 video could by itself be considered an innocent mistake. He's right that song ("Unstoppable" by ES Postumous) is used in TONS of highlight videos. In fact, he's right that it was used during the 2007 AFC Championship game for the Patriots. It was also used in the Sherlock Holmes trailer a full year before we used it, and appropriately enough the trailer for Unstoppable last fall as well. OK, that could be innocent.

    Where he loses all credibility is the first part, the specificaly TCU reference to Dutch Meyer (that only a TCU fan would catch) is so obvious that he can't possibly claim Generecide. So when you take a TCU video from one, you can't claim "Wow what a coincidence" that the other half is ALSO a TCU video.

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