Boise State FB Equipment Truck Hits Cow

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    In possibly the most bizarre story of the 2012 college football season so far, Boise State’s football


    Something to take your mind off the troubles! Giggle or feel sorry for the cow! But boy it is true when s--- hits the fan! :tongue:

  2. Being a city kid, I would question which is likely to cause greater damage to a vehicle: a cow or a bushel of potatoes?
  3. That truck reminds me of our program the last eight months - broken, bleeding and covered in crap.
  4. Sadly I had the same thought. But notice that the truck is intact and still standing. So is our program.
  5. A friend of mine was driving on a back country road on his way home from residency graduation and hit a black bull in the road. It was a big heavy car and it knocked the large bull in an upward motion and the bull landed on the cab of the car and left my friend quadriplegic. Very sad story. Encounters with large animals in the road can end very tragically.
  6. I am lucky to be happy and healthy and whole after hitting a cow north of calvert last december late at night.
  7. Glad that you are ok and didn't follow through to bug out until baseball season. I don't agree with everything you said today but respect your opinion. And yeah, I got the co-worker treatment as well.
  8. Hope our truck can survive a Cyclone.
  9. Well, I'm definitely done with that subject, I have stated my peice (peace? I don't think I've ever typed out that phrase before)..not much more you can do. Like I said, I'm not the one being paid to make those decisions. Thanks though :)

    Please folks, don't hit cows. Its not fun.
    FYI on interstates, it is always the farmers fault
    On State highways, it depends on the county law.
    On FM roads, it is always the drivers fault.
  10. I was in Bowie about 10 years ago and came up on the biggest black bull I have ever seen in my life. I went to the nearest house and knocked and an old man came out and asked if I needed anything. I pointed to the bull and let him know I nearly hit him. He looked the other direction and pointed at a heard of cows and said you see them there girls! He's headed over there and there ain't no stopping him including fences! Moral to the story is "Ain't love grand till you get hit by that eighteen wheeler"!
    Drive slow on country roads!
  11. I

    Thanks, Proxy, for posting this informative, cautionary story to which I certainly have nothing to add.

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    Again, Proxy, thanks. This is a valuable observation that is admirable in its completeness and utter lack of need for any additional comment.[/background]
  12. I believe it's "piece".

    You'd think Boise of all schools could find a more qualified truck driver.
  13. Man, these post-op painkillers are really putting a crimp in my style.
  14. I think you meant "udder."
  15. On 6? What the Heck? don't scare me
  16. Yeah on 6, between Bremond and Calvert. It was pitch dark besides my head lights, black cow that was just barely in the road (I think). I never even saw the sucker. Got a concussion (I think) because I had trouble stopping/figuring out what had just happened...was also sore all over for the next week. My car was destroyed on the passengers side.
    I was going a little over 70 I think.

    I was driving home to Fort Worth from Houston, and of course Calvert is just about the halfway point. The truck who pulled up (thankfully) immediately behind me, called the police and the tow truck. They were all asking where I was from and it took me a while to say anything besides "my dogs are fine, I'm 2 1/2 hours away"

    Very scary.
  17. :laugh:
  18. Heh.

    Must have been a walk-on....
  19. Did it happen on the Boise State campus? It may not have been a 4 legged cow. :rolleyes: Hard to get up that much speed around the stadium parking lot, though.

    In response to an earlier comment...have you ever been near a bull? There are no pasture fences that will hold one in if he decides to get out. They laugh at electric fences as well.
  20. My closest neighbors are cows. I'm pretty sure there are a lot more cows than people out here. I hope I never encounter one outside of their pastures.

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