BCS wants 4 teams but how to get them?

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Where to play the games?

  1. In the Bowls

    7 vote(s)
  2. Semis on campus, Title at neutral site

    40 vote(s)
  3. Semis in Bowls, Title at neutral site

    16 vote(s)
  4. All games on campus

    4 vote(s)
  5. All games at neutral sites (not Bowls)

    7 vote(s)
  6. Other - specify below

    0 vote(s)
  1. Apparently a 4 team playoff is in the future. I was curious how most here would like to see the teams chosen and set up.
  2. But we know four will expand to eight after a couple years of whining by the 5-6 teams that felt they should not have been left out. Then 8 will go to 16 with 11 conference champs getting auto-bids, because some conferences are getting shafted by "the system" and it is not fair. Then bubble teams 6-8 will whine that they were just as good as bubble team 5, so we will go to 24, with byes for the top 8. Just give it 30 years to play out.
  3. At least the process is getting started. I think I will be happy with the 4 depending on the logistics side.
  4. As much as I want it like I think 90% of fans do, semis on campus won't happen as long as the BCS committee is in bed with bowl execs.
  5. ...and as long as the SEC won't play December games north of the Mason-Dixon line.
  6. Conference champs & Indy.

    All games on campus. Or semis on campus, title at neutral site.

    I think the all "neutral site" idea will be horrible for fans and it won't really be neutral for cold weather teams. It'll favor warm weather teams.

    I think without the conference champ rule then we are just back to a beauty pageant with a bunch of Craig James types swaying the voters. I also take issue with ESPN being the biggest influencer of opinion while also being the one who makes or loses money based on ratings & matchups. I think it's a serious conflict of interest. Finally, I think that if you're restricting a playoff to only 4 teams then it should be a tournament of champions. I think this preserves the integrity of the regular season & avoids the nonsense we experienced last season.
  7. If you only have 4 teams, they should be conference champs. Otherwise, why have conferences at all?
  8. They barely play 1-2 as a conference all season.
  9. The conference champ thing may seem lie a good idea, but last season you could realistically had
    UCLA upset Oregon
    OU upset OSU
    Wisc upset Mich St
    UGA upset LSU
    USM upset Houston
    Clemson Upset VT

    Your Conf Champ 4 team playoff would have been
    OU / Clemson / Wisc / and UGA.

    Oklahoma would have been the 1 seed and ranked about #6. Meanwhile the top 4 or 5 teams would be playing in a bowl and competing for the AP national title. You have to just go with the top 4 teams.
  10. Looks like the hosting plan getting the most traction involves having the top 2 teams 'hosting' a semifinal at whatever bowl game their conference is tied to (SEC in the top 2 will play a semi at the Sugar, etc). And if both Pac 12 and Big 10 teams make the cut they'd automatically meet in the Rose Bowl. And that in order to keep 10 teams in the BCS mix a 5th bowl would be added to the rotation.
  11. Which conference champs though?
  12. Wonder if someday that could work the big 12 hosting at cowboys stadium instead of Tempe.
  13. It would be logical. Setting aside Jerry Jones' desire to be involved, having the Big 12 anchor the Cotton Bowl would alleviate one of the concerns of a playoff - having the fans travel to back-to-back games on a short turnaround. For most of the Big 12 Arlington would be an inexpensive and logistically easy trip.
  14. Yes! Please, it's logistically proper - driveable for most of the fans, and has a better experience if you have to fly in.

    Please, please, please... :smile:
  15. Realistically that would never happen. You're confusing mere possibility with actual realistic probability.

    That is a realistic possibility in the same sense that me beating LeBron James one on one is a realistic possibility or me hitting blackjack 3,000 times in a row & bankrupting the casino is a realistic possibility.

    A more realistic & problematic possibility is a pure popularity contest deciding who is 1-4 largely devoid of objective on-field results.
  16. Probably the top 4.
  17. If you take the four highest ranked conference champions you get a de facto eight team playoff. You also make the conference championship very meaningful and a valuable TV commodity. If you don't, imagine the following scenario:

    Last week of regular season unbeaten #1 Ohio State plays unbeaten #2 Michigan. Big Blue wins by a field goal. The following week they play in their conference title game and the Buckeyes win by a field goal. They finish among only four one-loss teams and are ranked #2 and #4 respectively. Both make the four-team playoff and win their semi-finals. The second Monday in January they play for the third time in six weeks.
  18. Not really. The only shock of that group would have been UCLA. OU was certainly capable of beating OSU, and UGA was capable of beating LSU. The other 3 upsets happened.
  19. I would rather see that happen than #4 Michigan is left out in favor of #16 Louisville, who finished at 9-3.
  20. Yes really. I don't think you understand probability. What you had described was not a realistic scenario by any means. It was an absolute worse case scenario likely to happen significantly less than 1% of the time.

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