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  1. big 10 sux
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  2. Rhule seems to be panicking a bit and making concessions to some extent. That is a mistake with that group. The only way to deal with that fan base is to let them know right out of the gate that he is the coach, it is going to take time and he won't be swayed by no-nothings. Their lack of football knowledge is apparent.
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  3. It was a Waco Herald-Tribune poll.
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  4. No doubt. That fanbase and culture is full of no-nothings. No means nothing to them, particularly when uttered by a vulnerable coed. They don't know the meaning of the word no.
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  5. Yes yes feel the hate let it flow through you Rhule no piss off all the fans to shut up and let you do your job
  6. Fan base already talking about what smaller conference will take them after they get the Big 12 boot...
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  7. CUSA...North Texas, a perennial win for SMU....
  8. I just placed myself on a 2 year ban from sleeping with Salma Hayek. It seemed like the right thing to do.
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  9. Soo more opportunities for Jenna Marbles & Nicole Arbor, check.
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  10. Many people still rank Penn State ahead of them as the "Most Despicable Program".
  11. Not sure I disagree. Although both are unthinkable crimes, child molestation cover-up has a slightly quicker path to hell IMO.
  12. I love how they are complaining about having to play 14 freshmen. I'm sorry, didn't we have to play 15 true freshmen and 15 RS freshmen (equaling 30, if my math is correct) because of injuries to knees, backs, and sprinkler heads a few years ago? And we went, what, to the Valero Bowl? And came back and won?

    No excuses.

    (Please tell me that was the same year...)
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  13. Well, if he goes the way of all others at Baylor and is fired, at least it will be the Golden Rhule. He has a great contract.
  14. With the QB changed to Zach Smith, they're starting to gain some confidence that they will win against Duke.

    There's one idiot who thinks they'll beat Oklahoma.
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    Yes, a pies de piedra (feet of stone) QB behind a paper thin OL.

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  16. Not to over-compare two horrors. But in one instance multiple players were committing the crimes and the other players, coaches and administration was covering it up and creating a dangerous culture at every expense. In the other instance, the crime and the cover up was entirely at the coach/administration level. They're both horrific. But I feel bad for the players at Penn State and to some degree the naive fans and alums who had no clue. I have no pity for the players at Baylor or the non-victim students who knew what was happening.
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  18. They also think Gundy was a done deal if they didn't offer Rhule. Delusion is one of their better qualities.
  19. The best comment from Wetzels article:

    "Baylor got cup-caked by the cupcakes."

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