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  1. With the results the first two weeks with his original starters could you do any worse? Maybe it works maybe it doesn't, but either way they are going to hit rock bottom. Maybe he will find a good player somewhere on the roster?
  2. I don't think it's really like it sounds...."9 new starters". I went down their "new" depth chart and it looks pretty similar to last week to me, lots of familiar names. They're just taking rotation guys and listing them as starters, but I don't think who plays the bulk of the minutes will change that much.

    Kinda reeks of just throwing crap up against a wall to see what sticks.
  3. Dats wut Waco dew
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  4. After the two teams the played beat them up physically and mentally now Rhule is going to ruin any confidence they had by benching them or not starting them. Did UT pay Rhule to coach at Baylor and screw them up worse than they were? Awesome if they did I would contribute to that fund.
  5. https://sports.yahoo.com/baylors-matt-rhule-toughest-job-college-football-184207015.html

    Baylor's Matt Rhule has the toughest job in college football
    Dan Wetzel
    Yahoo SportsSep 12, 2017

    . . . .
    In terms of football, now, who knows? The Bears have lost their last eight regular season games, including two this year against schools (Liberty and UTSA) that had never previously defeated a Power Five program.

    Baylor got cup-caked by the cupcakes. With the teeth of the schedule upcoming, 0-2 could quickly become 0-8. Or who knows, even worse.

    And there are plenty of people who would view that as karma.
    . . . .
  6. BU's new student recruitment video. Overall impression: Meh. It opens with two coeds running (for help? their lives?) and includes a female voice-over intoning "there are people there for you around every corner." Downbeat and somewhat creepy.

  7. Maybe I'm biased and just hate Baylor, but at times, it felt like a preview for a horror film.
  8. When the hell was Baylor #2 in the polls?
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  9. Yeah, there are people around every corner ready to rape, so watch out.
  10. Love how the underachievers list is cutoff, but you can still see Baylor as #1 on that list.

    Guess they better hang a banner now
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    "Someone's always there to help you and see you succeed..." unless you've been raped, in which case you SOL.

    "It's about shared experiences..." captured on video on some recruit's phone.

    "It's about faith... faith..." cults... "and faith." Mostly faith in CAB.
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  12. When they hit #1 in the Bottom 10 and stay there for the rest of the year, they will raise a new tarp.
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  13. big 10 sux
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  14. Rhule seems to be panicking a bit and making concessions to some extent. That is a mistake with that group. The only way to deal with that fan base is to let them know right out of the gate that he is the coach, it is going to take time and he won't be swayed by no-nothings. Their lack of football knowledge is apparent.
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  15. It was a Waco Herald-Tribune poll.
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  16. No doubt. That fanbase and culture is full of no-nothings. No means nothing to them, particularly when uttered by a vulnerable coed. They don't know the meaning of the word no.
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  17. Yes yes feel the hate let it flow through you Rhule no piss off all the fans to shut up and let you do your job

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