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  1. What baylor fans sound like right now... 
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  4. This thread is awesome thank you jewst
  5. Power rankings of people who care about Baylor's issue with TCU:
    1. Baylor fans
  6. I will try to unremember that. Alcohol may be involved.
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    5.  Jason Sehorn.  Brilesbag
  8. This is mostly to bump the thread, but I've seen this Hunter Harlow argument a few times and it's so misleading I wouldn't expect a Baylor to understand it so I feel it should be addressed.  39 1st downs versus 23 seems like a lot as does 782 versus 485 yards of offense.  But when you factor in a pick 6 and a KO return for a TD, not to mention the other shortish fields we got after Baylor turnovers, the disparities in those two stats aren't as shocking.  
    The pick 6 and KO return TD took roughly 150 yards away from our offense (assuming we take over at the 25 and drive for a TD) and gave Baylor the opportunity for those 150 yards, which they took.  That's roughly a 300 yard swing due to those two plays alone.  
    If you figure an average of 15 yards per 1st down that equates to 10 fewer 1st downs for us and 10 more for them, a difference of 20 1st downs total.
    I'm clearly making some serious SWAGs, but the point should be clear.  Those stats look eye popping, but when taken in context with the two scores we got without our offense (put another way, the two possessions our defense and ST took from our offense and gave to Baylor) the stats games come out about even.
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  9. Yep, when you score on defense and special teams, as far as yards/game stats go, you are literally taking away an offensive possession from your team and giving the other team another shot to go get yards.

    Like a bizarro make-it-take-it
  10. [​IMG]
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  12. I wonder if the committee factors in that all the bricks in our stadium are real? :ph34r:
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  13. Worthy of a bump since there's so much trolling and additional sources today of plenty of
  14. What kind of name is Brice Cherry?
  15. Scott Van Pelt was all over that yardage argument on Twitter.  Too lazy to go find it, but he's obviously done his homework.  
  16. This argument holds some water when talking about about total yardage. But it falls apart when you look at yards per play. Baylor averaged more than 7 yards per play in that game. TCU averaged 5.4. That's a big gap that can't be explained away so easily. The defensive and special teams scores cost TCU some plays. But with the same number of plays Baylor ran, TCU would have gained 189 fewer yards. Baylor's offensive numbers that day were eye-popping any way you slice it.
  17. so was their loss to WV.
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  18. LOL
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