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  1. He should have played football, and Baylor would have run her off.
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  2. That's the Baylor way.
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  3. From the BF thread talking about the SN article ranking the B12 coaches (http://www.sportingnews.com/ncaa-fo...erman-lincoln-riley/vcbs3caui72t18gklfwtizoyb):

  4. I also found this one humorous:

    "I'm more angered by "continue to clean up things off the field." As far as the football program is concerned, it's clean."

    Sure it is. That's why that coach got arrested for soliciting a prostitute AFTER Rhule took the reigns. Also, let us not forget about all the "perverted little tarts" that are still taking advantage of all those poor victims that play football.

    Beat it, rape apologist.
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  5. Who, me?

    Um, no.
  6. It's a good thing for them college football was invented in 2011. Imagine how he'd feel in some alternate universe where it's been played for about 150 years and, in that time, split championships had been awarded hundreds of times. I mean, in this Bizarro world, Baylor might even be claiming two or three such titles themselves.
  7. No, NNM, you've been one of the more outspoken folks so far and I commend you for it. That was a quote from the thread you linked and my response to the person who typed it. I only quoted your post for the linked thread.
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  8. I recently transferred back to Texas from the Socialist Republic of Maryland, and started back with my old group at work. One of the new guys in the group (well, new since I had left six years ago) has annoyed the p!ss out of me from day one and I wasn't able to figure out why. I hadn't interacted with him so it wasn't anything he'd done or said, but I was just so incredibly dewshy that I just couldn't stand to be around him. Sure enough, the other day he comes walking in with a pea soup green polo shirt with a rape apologizing BU stitched onto it. It all makes sense now....
  9. The consistency of this phenomenon is truly unbelievable.
  10. Here in N TX, when in forced close proximity, I keep the conversation on Rangers baseball to keep things civil/ non rage-inducing. I can't help if you're in S TX or Astros fan.
  11. Good advice. I'm back in Fort Worth, so I'm going to go with avoiding interacting with him as much as possible, but when forced to, use small words, stare him straight in the eye at all times, cough "rape" under my breath when feasible, and mention TCU as much as I possibly can.
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  12. Does anyone think Baylor will get seriously punished for all they have done?

    What would be worst possible punishment for Baylor?

    Will they even have to fire the two stooges that are still employed?
  13. I doubt there will be a just formal punishment, but vacation of their rape-tainted #61-58 and #RussellAthleticBowlChampionship would be highly entertaining. Their defacto punishment will occur with any conference realignment.
  14. I still think the NCAA penalizes them. Lack of institutional control will be the big one. Of course this is ironic since they were in control of the whole thing, cover up and all.
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  15. It would be absolutely GLORIOUS if the 67-58 win was forfeited. G L O R I O U S ! ! ! !
  16. I don't know if anything will happen to them.

    And today when Rhule gets on stage he will convince them he is the savior and everything is fixed or will be. That he is a religious rock for Baylor. And the DMN writers who are all Baylor grads will say, "well there you have it, case closed." Seems Bowlsby is also in this thinking and has been protecting Baylor. I guess it's his job to side with Baylor no matter what.

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