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  2. He's like 50 now so maybe he has toned it down. Or needs a visit to the low t center.
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  3. More #BaylorTears tonight in Waco on the tennis courts.
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  4. I will take responsibility for EVERYTHING.

    My bad.
  5. What you think you say:

    What the rest of the world knows you and every other Baylor fan say:

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    So you're saying that until O'Really! violently attacks and rapes all those women, he's "good to go" as far as you're concerned? That's a pretty high bar. :(
  7. Is he saying he gets aroused by farts he can't trust?

    ETA: And then the sensation of arousal gets to his head so fast he can't control himself so he walks into raping someone?
  8. I started reading baylorfans.com during the Guy Morriss years because Baylor tears there were funny.

    I still visit there from time to time, although I have made a resolution to cut that out because some (a lot, actually) of the stuff posted there is morally corrosive.

    HOWEVER, the bf.com thread on Gundy's tricked up bowl rings is, as I suspected it might be, absolutely funny, and at least the early posts that I read are not threats to the moral development of normal readers.

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  9. They never cease to amaze me.
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  10. Hahahahahahahaha
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  11. Hahahaha
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  12. Hahaha

    Bayliar and Okie liart both suck.
    Aggy too.
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  13. Lot if Baylortears in the mentions. It's as if they think this is all over so ESPN needs to move on. It has just starter
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  14. Moving on is what Baylor is best at. Just sweep it under the rug and keep on trucking.

    Or raping.
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  16. Good God. What a bunch of lunatics.
  17. Everyone going to the games this weekend be sure to bring your rape whistle. And if you live near campus, keep your cats indoors.

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