Art Briles' biography is coming out soon

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  1. If I read, I would probably read it.
  2. I noticed he has a defensive book out on there as well....
  3. Is it written by Dr. Carleton Maxwell? 
  4. LOL, would make it worth reading.
  5. Vomit. 
    I just don't understand the love for a guy that's never been in the discussion for a BCS game. 
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  6. If it goes to kindle (app) version I may buy it.  At times I wish Baylor a swift return to the cellar (not like they were that far out of it) but you have to respect his story.  No one knows how they'll react to a horrible tragedy but he's done very well when he could have said "screw this" to life and seemed almost justified.  
    He's done a pretty solid job turning Baylor into a respectable team. Another 8+ win season (not including bowl) and I'd say Baylor's definitely officially moved up a few notches.
    Would be surprised to see Texas or maybe an SEC school like S. Carolina/Auburn come calling should they suddenly need a head coach.
    Those are his regular season records at Baylor and two(?) of those seasons were with RG3 who doesn't come around often. I see another 7-5 season. Not impressed. 
    I think you're letting hate bother you too much. Last year was capped off with a win over #17 UCLA (9-3 at the time), which counts for something.
    18-8 the last 2 seasons, while not earth shattering, is not terrible, considering where Baylor has been.
    I guess more of my point is that the book (get it?) is still out on Briles... I don't consider him a bad coach or a good coach. He inherited an awful program and has done decently. But if he hasn't touched a BCS game within the next two or three years, then he goes into the solidly mediocre coach ranks. 
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    Similar to guys like Paul Rhodes at ISU, the GT coach, maybe the Northwestern coach, maybe Rich Rod..
  12. The might was well fast track this one to the Clearance Table at Barnes & Noble
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  13. The might was well fast track this one to the Clearance Table at Barnes & Noble

    Or the books under $1.00 at the Kindle Store for those who no longer use "books."
    Seriously, though.  I get the Baylor deal.  I grew up in Fort Worth.  One of my parents attended TCU and I went to games throughout my childhood during the time TCU was in the SWC.  I talked the parents into footing the bill and was lucky enough to get to go to TCU and be an alum.  I've lived through our time in the wilderness while Baylor lived off the largess of the Big 12 due to the politics that resulted in their inclusion.  Because of that, and because I actually paid attention to their pathetic attempt to compete in that conference through a series of coaches, I get why Briles has gained some attention. 
    Should he be mentioned in the realm of Saban, Meyer, Patterson, Petersen, etc...  Of course not.  But I do get why he gets props considering where that program was and where it is now.
  14. "A Tale of Two Moobs"
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  15. Likely excerpt from the book:

    "I noticed my body was changing back in middle school, and it always made me feel funny. That's when my mom took me to get my first training bra."
  16. Title: "I Owe it All to RGIII"
  17. I think he is a decent coach, but I wouldn't read a book about him.
  18. I am trying to think what the title would be if Doc Maxwell wrote it. Lot's of funny things come to mind.

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