Any way to watch HDNet/TCU-OSU game tomorrow night online?

Discussion in 'Scott Nix Frog Fan Forum' started by BigEasyFrog, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. Anybody know if HDNet has an online channel or what not? Familiar with some online streaming sites as well (that haven't been taken down yet) so I might check those off/on tomorrow early evening if nobody's found anything yet.

    Don't have Direct TV/Dish at my house and don't have a TV package with Charter that provides that channel availability.

    Don't want to go out to watch it if I don't have to.

    Much thanks for any info.
  2. It is available on u-verse on 105 to 107 and same numbers just add a one prior to the channel for HD, it is available on other providers, but do a google search to see the other channel numbers.
  3. Here is the website
  4. Charter Cable in FW, Channel 770.
  5. On another note does anyone know what sports bars have HDNet? I know if they have HD through DirecTV they have the station. Just don't know who has HD.
  6. Any sports bar that doesn't have HD should be boarded up and closed!
  7. Truth is I have a "No Frills" by my house but I really don't like the food there and was hoping Buffalo Bros or BWW might have it.
  8. Going to try search for an online stream this evening after I get home from work but I'm not holding my breath to find a decent one.

    Most restaurants/small sports bars in my immediate neck of the woods likely won't stay open past 10/11 pm on a Monday-Thursday (I live about a 35 minute drive outside of downtown New Orleans so I'm not just a hop/skip away from a boatload of options in downtown or the French Quarter - so not that simple).

    Found an alternative though, gym where I work out has Direct TV and it's 24 hour access so might as well do two things at once. Watch a game and get a halfway decent workout in, and save money.
  9. That's three things. Just sayin'... :wink:
  10. 1105 on U-Verse.

    And for Charter...
  11. Can anyone updatethose of us who can't watch please? What is the damn score!?? For God's sake people!
  12. Have my DVR set just in case. Ch. 306 on DirecTV. Is also on Dish but not sure channel. Check the GoFrogs press release posted earlier.
  13. Counting for me can be quite the challenge sometimes. :biggrin:
  14. Houston Comcast cable channel 673 9PM.
  15. Any luck on a web stream? My cable company doesn't even offer HDnet, and it's too nasty to go out.
  16. I'm there with you, Dog.

    BTW, I don't know if there is a link or not, but if you don't get HDNet, you are missing out on some great programs like Art Mann Presents, Bikini Destinations, and Bikini Babershop. There is also the show (Drinking Made Easy?) where the guy goes to a different city every week and goes to the "famous" bar there. Then his buddy always does the "eating contest" at whatever restaurant is known for that in the city.

    English not good tonight...too much wine.
  17. I've searched all my usual stream sources including espn3, firstrowsports,atdhe and justin tv but no luck. women's ball and nba only on all of them. looks like it's radio for us cheapos!! :blush:
  18. Went to watch it at BWW and it was hit and miss because of the rain. All the HD channels were hard to get.
  19. The gym where I work out at didn't even have the channel, which I couldn't understand because they pretty much have just about all Direct TV channels on there (200s, most sport channels in the 600s and further where you don't have to subscribe to stuff like NBA League Pass or NHL Center Ice etc.).

    While I personally don't have Direct TV again I was still somewhat familiar with the channel system on there given my gym had it, my folks have it, , know a fair amount of restaurants/sports bars that have it, watching the Mtn. sometimes etc.

    I wasn't personally familiar with HDNet but I got it to where I knew it was in the beginning 300s on Direct TV. The station wasn't even available where I was at. I had to do a double take over and over again to make sure I wasn't skipping anything or searching to fast, but Direct TV where I was at did not have it whatsoever.

    Guess it is included only in a specific package that they didn't order there. Weird.

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