And Aggie weirds out Jimbo the moment he gets off the plane

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  1. I read they are permanently reducing it to one lane in each direction. Nearby residents complained traffic was moving too smoothly and wanted it to slow down. You know, for the children.

    The contractor is excited about the opportunity to reduce lanes on the bridge only to add them back in a few years. The owner now has three homes and a fleet of classic Jaguars.
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  4. Funny...he doesn’t look like a cult member.
    Poor ole’ Jimbo! Finally reached his jumping off place. RIP!
    Spit Blood~~<~< and [ darn ] baylor!!
  5. My thoughts too.
  6. I'm glad Total Wines opened up in Alliance Town Center. No need to go to that part of town now.:D
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  7. Finally dropped by there last night. Panicked because I couldn’t immediately find the relatively obscure brand of gin that I’d been having to drive to Hulen for. Eventually saw it, then went on a crazy 10-minute adventure for the vermouth, which ended up being in the back by the beer. Because of course.
  8. N (U.S. aircraft registration identifier) 817 (home of ->>) RA (Robert Albritton, owner of the plane)
  9. Remember the good ol days when Bryant Irvin had a one way bridge over the Trinity?
  10. They're just repainting the lanes. Soon, the lanes will be five feet wide!
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  11. $75 million gauranteed. He maybe trying to figure out if he actually wants to try and win in College Station or just get fired and go back to Florida or buy an island somewhere...
  12. Dear God NO, this ain’t Shreveport!
  13. No-one is making it out of this alive.
  14. All that was missing was Reveille pissing on his leg.
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  15. or Quentin Coryatt breaking his jaw with a cheap shot
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  16. I'd love to know what goes on in Jimbo's mind as he learns about aggie traditions:eek:
  17. Maybe a cheap shot today, but not back then. RIP Kyle McPherson.
  18. Correct. Pretty positive that joy was replayed and celebrated all year long. May have won some type of award? Am I remembering that correctly?

    Wasn't too long ago Michael Irvin on ESPN had the "Jacked Up" segment though. Times are a changin'.
  19. Kyle is dead?

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