Alamo Bowl Tickets Allotted

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  1. I didn’t know, cool
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  2. nah. I’m not going this year.
  3. When I say spoke, what I really mean is it was one of GP's rambling megatangents. It was awesome.

    Very cool of him to show up btw. He hurried back from Alamo Bowl duties in SA and came striaght to the luncheon. CDC had to vamp for 15 minutes or so while we waited. It seemed like GP initially was going to just say hello and thanks based on the way he started out but then he settled in and away he went.
  4. Sorry I missed that, work is a substantial inconvenience sometimes..
  5. Terribly inconvenient.
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  6. [​IMG]
  7. Commie
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  8. No but the Japanese apologized for Pearl Harbor. A lot of good that did.
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  9. Section 130 as well. WTH?
  10. Looked at the Big 12's other bowls and Alamo is by far the worst allotment. Every other bowl is mostly sideline while Alamo is mostly end zone
  11. I hope you're not in row 30-35 or or you're going to be praying for those corner end zone seats back
  12. Nope. Row 12. Looking at the setup I know this is not gonna be good.
  13. TCU doesn't control (or even have a say in) where the TCU allotment seats are located at a bowl game. The bowl itself controls that. You may as well blame the weatherman for crappy weather.

    Having said that, the bowls -- especially the minor bowls (and most especially the Alamo Bowl) -- often screw the two participating schools with the worst seats in the house, reserving all the best seats for their own direct sales. I want to support TCU, but I'm tired of shelling out hundreds or thousands of dollars for crappy seats purchased through the TCU bowl allotment. For good seats, you either have to buy direct from the bowl or go through a second party like StubHub.
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  14. And fans (of all Bowl teams) are sick and tired of it, the free market (stub hub vivid etc) offers better tickets at prices that the market sets
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  15. This is definitely the case. Alamo has a lot of local sales and participating schools get crap allotments. The tarnish on an otherwise particularly well-run bowl.
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  16. 8 seats in 130. KillerFrogs detention area?
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  17. Section 229, row 4 for our +4 group
  18. So when they are measuring who travels well do they look at the school selling it's allotment or do they just evaluate how much purple is in the stands?

    Way back in 2001 waited til almost last minute to order for the Mattress Mac Bowl. Ironically got like 7th row 47 yard line. Possibly best ever Bowl seats except for SteelFrog putting us front row in the UGA section in Memphis last year.
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  19. We have two extra seats bc we thought boys would bring friends; went through third party -now need to sell. Any ideas??
  20. Look, what Deep said about the allotment is the hard truth. The Bowls could not give a rotten crap about the schools invited each year. The allotment scam is but one of the things that happens when a school accepts a Bowl bid. The allotted tickets must be "bought" by the participating school, and schools must recoup this expense by selling them to their alumni or fans. And, yes, these are the crappiest tickets in the house.

    Them's the breaks. You accept a Bowl bid? You're gonna get shafted on a Bowl allotment. Happens every year.

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