AGCS getting rid of GA?

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  1. In the process of renewing GA season tickets, and it sounds like they are doing away with GA and assigning reserved seats based on points ranking.

    I always liked GA in the Carter because A) it was a great value compared to typical GA sections and B) it was easy for my family to sit by us for the few games they came to. Never had a problem sitting 6-8 people together with exception of the most popular games.
    Anyone know more about how this conversion will go?
  2. Several folks have already expressed some extreme displeasure with this decision on other threads.  The bad thing is that folks in the GA section likely have low priority points to begin with, so by the time their selection comes around there might not be blocks of 5+ seats together anywhere but the upper deck.  That said, I also do not expect there to be some major desire for a ton of folks to relocate to that area.  Surely some will, but I would not be surprised to see a good chunk of last year's GA ticket holders to stay in the SEZ.
  3. Thanks. Searching "GA" wasn't very helpful...
  4. I have always thought that south endzone since it was season tickets, should be assigned seating. I would hate to buy season tickets and run the risk of not having a place to sit or worry about losing my seat if I left.
  5. Never had one issue with not finding a seat.
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    I don't even feel like I necessarily have a low ranking, but now that family and friends cannot simply buy a single-game GA ticket and sit with us, I may want to buy a couple more tickets.... however (my understanding is) this adding option doesn't come until rankings lower than me have the option to upgrade, and adding new seats will ultimately hurt the value of the season tickets I've held for years... all while costing me more.
    I understand there really is no good option. It would be nice if I was simply assigned the same number of current SEZ seats that I already own. At least take the ambiguity out of the equation and treat SEZ STHs with similar esteem to other STHs.
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  7. I guess I should speak for myself. I prefer my season tickets at the Carter be assigned. GA works better for some.
  8. Wonder what prerequisites have to be met before initiating any future expansion on
    the East Side of the Carter? Del Conte has made some mention of this in the past.
  9. I used it for basically the same reason as SW above.
  10. Look on the bright side, another home season like the last one and seats will be easy to find.
    Convinced that Moose posted this just to screw with my Monday after Spring Break. #doublenegativessuck
  12. As did I. I buy 6 SEZ seats but only need 4 and sometimes 2 just so if I have friends/family in from out of town we can sit together. Also could alternate sides depending on the time of game and weather. I am hoping my priority points are high enough that I can stay in the SEZ for this reason alone and get 6 together. Pretty sure I am not high enough on the list. So now I have paid for 6 tickets already that could become scattered throughout the stadium. Hopefully I can release the extras I don't need if this is the case. Otherwise I will become what everyone hates - a stub hub seller. And ain't nobody got time for that.
    I believe ATO mentioned in the general season ticket thread that there will be no refunds allowed if you don't get what/where you like...
    In other words, suck it Peacefrog
  14. Unfortunately if my group ends up separated the end result will likely be my group of 8 turning into a group of 4 or 2.
    I doubt that is the case.  When I moved seats last year to a cheaper option, I was refunded the difference.  I am sure that when the time comes, if there are not the requisite amount of seats together, one could call the ticket office, explain the situation, and get released from some/all of the tickets.  Then those seats would be available to folks who opted to add seats or are new season ticket holders in the second seating process.
  16. That's true, if there are not enough seats together.
    That's untrue, if there are not enough seats together in a specific section you are wanting to be in.
    Again, just my understanding after reading through the muck.
  17. You will want to select the very back row in the South End Zone when picking your seats.
    Those are the only seats in the shade at 11:00 when most of our games are played.
  18. I would like reserved seats with the option of sitting next to friends whenever I wish. Also cheap beer and sit just behind the showgirls.
    About as well as the original reseating did.

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